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We have been pretty lucky to spend more quality family time together the last couple weeks as I just switched positions at work and D has been off 6 days over the last 2 weeks for vacation. We don't usually get a lot of family time and we don't go out to eat that often anymore so tonight was really nice to be able to head into an near by town for some shopping and dinner out at McDonald's to complete a Shoppertunity for Social Fabric (#cbias) and #EqualCanada.

We headed out after I had a nice little nap (I worked an overnight awake last night), D was in terrible need of new work boots and we had a coupon for a free ceramic travel mug at Mark's Work Warehouse. Then we decided to hit up Bulk Barn, Dollarama and then McDonald's which in this town is in Walmart.

The kids were very excited to hear we were going to McDonald's for dinner and they could have a Happy Meal - Chicken nuggets, chocolate milk and fries. D had a Big Xtra meal and of course he super sized it.

I decided I would try the Southwest Chicken burger meal with fries and a large coffee. This chicken burger was very good, a bit on the spicy side but not too spicy.
I asked the lady taking our order if I could get some Equal sweetener for my coffee she was very polite and told me "I can't give you that but I have another brand of sweetener". I asked her if they would be offering Equal anytime soon and told her that it is great to have a couple options of sweeteners as they are very different and people do have preference. She asked the manager if she knew the answer.
The manager was very friendly and right away came over to talk to me about my request. She told me that it isn't their decision that it is from head office what they have to offer.  The manager thought they used to offer it before and then she doesn't know why it changed. We talked about the different sweeteners and why people like different ones. The manager told me to fill in their customer survey online to have a chance at winning $1000, let McDonald's know how they did today and also to make my request known.
When I got home and had the chance to sit down I did fill in the survey as I was very impressed with our service on such a busy night and also that the manager took the time to chat with me about Equal. I also went back to ask for more cream and she gave me a cup with tons in it with an extra stir stick, she stopped what she was doing to get this for me.

I hope to see Equal as an option in McDonald's in the future as it would be very nice for people who prefer Equal because of taste or diet.

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~*Disclaimer: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. You still have the southwest chicken sandwich? Lucky you, they stopped selling that here months ago, said it was discontinued. It was my fave sandwich, so I wasn't too impressed. Think you can mail me one??

    My Organized Chaos

  2. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I thought it was new?!? that shows you how often we go to out to eat. lol but it was a lot of fun and tasty


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