Working the Night Shift

I have been working the evening shift from either 1,2 or 3pm until 10pm every night until September and since September I have been working 2-10pm. I usually get home around 11pm as I have an hour long commute home.

Then came a long an overnight awake position that is replacing a staff who is off on maternity. This I knew right away likely isn't the best shift to take as I have an hour long commute and it will be hard on my body to adjust back to overnight awakes. Only problem is every time I apply for any of the overnight asleep positions there is someone always higher in seniority. So here I was thinking about the pros and cons of applying for an awake overnight. I will be home more in the evenings with both the kids and my hubby. Before hubby and I would see each other every second weekend all weekend but the opposite weekend he would work and I would see him if I was lucky for a couple hours each day.


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