Zellers' Festive Finale ( @Zellersoffers )

About a week ago I wrote about Zellers having their finale holiday sales event before an American retailer moves into Canada. If you haven't seen the post or video please jump over to it here. In the upcoming weeks Zellers will be asking for more customer help with their sales.

If you haven't checked out Zellers on Facebook but you are like me and LOVE coupons and saving money you really do need to go "like" their fan page. Every week they offer a different coupon that is exclusive to Facebook fans!

This week from November 18-24th,2011 if you print off the coupon on Facebook you will save $10 off your purchase of $40 or more on Christmas lights! Do you still need more lights? I just love having tons of lights. I remember one year putting more than 1000 mini lights on my Christmas tree!

Check out Carol the Manager at store #245 as she asks you to help decide on the next holiday sale as she is very busy in the store.

Hehe I just checked out the next holiday sale that they are asking for help with choosing. Right now until Monday at midnight you can vote for $10 off a $40 or more purchase before taxes if you are - wearing red, wear a holiday sweater or wear a white beard. The most votes as I write this are for if you wear red. I would love this coupon as I have a few more gifts to purchase and would also love to pick up some more pj's for the kids. I also have a little girl asking for a Monster High doll, or LaLa Loopsy so this coupon would be handy for sure.

This coupon can be used throughout the store to help pick up stocking stuffers, gifts for family and friends or just some nice clothes for Christmas and New Years events. Remember to use your points card to earn points that you can still redeem them at Zellers and at the Bay. I was behind a lady one day who commented that she didn't have many points so why bother. I told her why not it doesn't cost you anything and just maybe you will end up with enough points to get a gift card! Isn't that worth it? She replied yes and pulled out her card.

So go ahead and "Like" Zellers on Facebook to vote for some great deals so we can all save this Holiday season!

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom and sponsored by Zellers. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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