Nair Shower Power Max Review

As a child getting closer to puberty we just can't wait to grow up and do all the grown up stuff like shaving. Then when we do grown up I am sure everyone else has felt the same as I have and think shaving can be a pain in the behind.  With that in mind, we all look for easy and quick ways to get rid of the hair on our legs. I have tried the Epilator, the sugaring and regular shaving, all have their pro's and cons. I was very excited to try out the New Nair Shower Power Max.

Nair Shower Power Max is a lotion based hair remover specially formulated for thick, coarse hair. It comes in a pump bottle that is easy to close after use. It contains soothing Lavender and Vitamin E to leave legs feeling smooth and soft. This can be used on body, underarms and legs.

Did you know that Nair Shower Power Max was voted 2011 Best New Product, this survey was done with BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study, where consumers were asked to vote on 169 products in 55 categories.

With Nair Shower Power Max all you do is apply a thin layer of lotion to your legs wait at least a minute before entering the shower. When you get in the shower try to not get into the direct stream of water for another 2 minutes. I waited 2 minutes before getting into the shower then only had to wait another minute. When the time is up rinse your legs with the shower. Volia! Hairless legs and so easy.

I usually shave once a week or every 4 days in the summer so I waited almost 3 weeks worth of growth to see how well this product would work. I am not a hairy legged lady to begin with.

So here is the hairy leg on the left and the right leg is fresh from hair with Nair. I jumped the gun and didn't take a before of the Right leg. So sorry, I hope you all can forgive me and take my word that it was as hair as the left. I know it isn't the best picture.
End results? Very good hair remover! Almost all gone on the first try. I believe the stuff that is still left was more my oops as it was a few hairs near my ankles and a couple on my leg. No irritation which is great as I have sensitive skin when it comes to some of the hair remover products. My legs are silky smooth. I feel it is best to leave it on for a couple minutes and then get in the shower to give it tons of time to work before getting it wet. This just may become a favorite in my house. I don't know how many applications are in this bottle but with the price of razors and shaving cream it may be comparable in price. I will look into this further of course.

Retails for $14.99. It can be found with the shaving products in Wal Mart, Shopper's Drug Mart and Loblaws.

Visit Nair for information on all their products and product coupons up to $2.00 off. Nair is also on Facebook.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom on behalf of Church & Dwight. I won a gift basket at Blissdom Canada FULL of Church & Dwight products! Thanks again ladies! All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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  1. Great review! I have tried Nair products in the past and sadly it never worked as well as I had thought it would but maybe with the new and improved formulas it would work. You're right about the cost of razors and if you want a good one you're looking at $15-$20 with the blades plus you need to replace those blades every few weeks and it adds up!


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