A New Do for A

Thin hair runs in my family, well to be exact it runs on my moms side. My father had awesome thick hair. Never lost any and only started to get grey in his late 40's or early 50's if I remember correctly. My mom on the other hand has always been on the lookout for shampoos and styling products to make her hair fuller and much thicker. I too was stuck with the thin straight hair, I also started to go grey in my early 20's!

My daughter, A also has thin pin straight hair but she also has the best naturally highlighted hair that you could ask for! She has had many comments on how people would die or pay for hair like hers. It is very true, women spend thousands to keep their hair perfectly highlighted and with A, it comes naturally.

With thin hair comes many problems and even more when you have long hair. A has her hair WAY down her back and almost touching her bottom, she is only 4 years old. Putting her hair up into pony tails has always been a challenge for a number of reasons. First A doesn't like her hair brushed, and because it is thin it will knot easily. Also if she doesn't wear clips in the sides and front the little hairs get in her face.

I have had people tell me to take her to the hair dressers and get bangs. Okay I have thought of that a number of times but A wont let many people near her with a brush let alone scissors. This would be a huge task for a hair dresser.

Recently I did a review on a great hair product that I use often called CreaClip (if you didn't read the review please do check it out, I love this product!). It has saved me tons of money as I do my hair at home all the time now even to do my side bangs.

I decided today was a hair trim day for me and I would also trim A's hair as it hasn't been done in awhile and maybe just maybe she would allow me to try out the CreaClip and give her bangs!

When I asked A to find the hair brush as I wanted to do her hair she surprisingly went and got the brush very fast and set up her chair.

I brushed all the tangles out and trimmed an inch off her hair. Simple quick and looks very nice. Now to the challenge, the bangs. I asked A if I could cut her hair so she would have bangs, right away I got a no but I reminded her of her friend S and her cute bangs. A then agreed to try them out.

Here is a before picture:

A with her blanket getting ready for her new do!
Now on to cousin it...
Just look at those highlights!
And the new do! Ta Da!!

After I was done A went into my bedroom to look in our big mirror. All I hear coming from my bedroom was "I am a different person!" and then tons of giggles! She loves it and couldn't wait to show her friend S and can't wait until school to show it off to the rest of her friends.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom. This is not a sponsored post in anyway with CreaClip. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. Cute new 'do! :-) The Creaclip (and of course A's hairdresser mama) did an amazing job!

    Very impressive!

  2. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Thanks Soozle, it is so easy to use!


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