Just Because I Coupon Doesn't Mean I am Broke

I have read a few comments recently on articles and segments posted online about savvy shopping, couponing whatever you would like to call it. These comments have been down right mean. The one comment that stands out the most and really has pushed me to write this post is this one on a CBC Savvy Shopper article this month.

"Yes, that's a wonderful thing to encourage - More hoards of bargain-hunters clammored around the bin of glucose-loaded junk food just before closing. The food that gets reduced is not food you should be feeding your family - this doesn't happen in the produce, butcher or freezer sections - just in the deli and bakery - and even then, not with the food that's worth eating. You want to know how to save money? STOP buying junk food you don't need! And maybe we should be trying to find better ways of saving money than cheaping out on what we put in our children's bodies. It's crazy - mom gets out of her $40,000 SUV, hangs up her i-phone, and then buys 10 boxes of pizza pops because they're $1.00 off for chunky little Billy to stuff his face with, and reasons that it's a good bargain and food prices are too high. I'm certain I could go into the average "bargain hunter's" kitchen right now and pull out about $20-$30 worth of processed junk food."

Yes, I know the reason this person posted was to get people talking and well it worked. I know there are people out there that do hoard and do buy junk food just because they have a coupon or it is 50% off. I also know there are people out there driving expensive vehicles and have iPhones that can't afford them but have them anyways. 

I think what gets to me are the people out there like myself who uses coupons, shops sales and 50% off when ever possible to save money, we get criticized for doing so. I do not hoard, yes I have a couple shelves in my pantry but I also have pots and bake ware on them. We eat pretty healthy and very little with heavy preservatives in them. We don't eat all organic but we don't eat many canned or pre-made foods. If I was to go downstairs right now I can tell you what we have there that is canned - tuna, mushroom soup, pineapples, pasta sauce, baked beans and a few soups with low sodium. I cook from scratch and have a huge cookbook library/database! 

Yes, found in the produce does get marked down and same in the meat and dairy departments usually this food needs to be consumed that day or the next. We have had some great deals on yogurt, banana's and 30% off meat which we freeze right away or use that night.

Both my husband and I make a good living but when we save money we can have more of the things that are luxuries, like my iPhone. I love how this person rips into the lady because she has a SUV, we have two cars, one we bought out right - we actually traveled 4 hours away to save $8000+ on it. Only spending about $350 for a nice weekend away for hubby and I. We have one on a loan - people should think before criticizing someone for driving a nice new car, there are loans for 7 years which makes the payments doing able. 

So as to not critize the people who do not want to save some money. I enjoy to save money on things that are edible and cleaning products especially as the food will be consumed within the week and who really likes to spend money on all those cleaning products anyways, don't get me wrong I love a clean house but it there are a lot of chemicals in those things. I also love to save money on other items like clothing and toys. Why not? They are usually always on sale at some point. I also love to receive store points when I am shopping there anyways. Great way to receive money off or free products.  

Why does this make me a bad person? Why am I not allowed the nice iPhone? I work very hard for my money, Why am I not allowed to spend it how I feel fit? My children eat well and do not eat a lot of junk food. I don't buy sugar filled products, we make our own oatmeal and bake our own snacks a lot of the time. We don't eat pizza pops or Pogo's and my children are far from overweight (not that I criticize anyone who does, we had those as kids and I like them). Ask my children what they want for snack and usually it will be a fruit or yogurt or even cottage cheese.

Sorry for the rant. Sometimes it just needs to be said and I hope I didn't offend anyone with my opinions.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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  1. I've gotten a few nasty comments lately as well... Brush them off & move on. It seems so easy for some people to criticize others nowadays... Perhaps they should take a good hard look at themselves before pointing out everyone elses faults.


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