Marvelous Menu Monday Dec 19-25,2011

Last week I strayed abit from the menu as I totally forgot we were doing dinner with the in laws this past Saturday. This week will also be pretty easy going for dinner as it is my busy week at work.

Monday December 19 - Black Bean, Sweet Potato soup & biscuits

Tuesday December 20 -Chicken Burgers with salad

Wednesday December 21 -  Pork chop and Rice Skillet

Thursday December 22 - Fish rice and veggies

Friday December 23 - Since I didn't do the Chili last week I will aim to do it this week

Saturday December 24 - Pizza (maybe homemade)

Sunday December 25 - Roasted Chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies and stuffing. Come link up your menu for the week!


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