Hartz Angry Birds Review

We have two fur babies that we feel really are part of our little family. They are included in so much around here including bedtime, meal time (more they feel they should be part of this time), watching tv, and just lazing around the house. So with Christmas fast approaching we want to make sure we have a few things under the tree for our babes Marty and Lily Belle.

We ran out to one of our favorite kitty treat stores and picked up some treats and we have also kept a couple toys we received from our great friends at Hartz. This year they have introduced a new line of cat and dog toys. Remember awhile back when I wrote about the Angry Bird craze? If not please check out the post. We have jumped on that craze and love playing Angry Birds especially P. He was very excited to see what Hartz sent for Marty and Lily, Angry Birds cat toys!!

Now Marty I think is a little bit on the lines of Garfield and is too lazy to play but sometimes he will shock you and start batting around the soft play toys. He doesn't seem to like the hard balls with the bells for some reason. Lily on the other hand is a friskie little part Siamese kitty and can play for hours. If you watch her though I think she also prefers the soft catnip type toys.

We reviewed the Angry Bird Catnip Head - Pig; this little toy when you pull the string vibrates. I did have to tie a small knot in the end as it looked like it was going to go into the toy. Plus it was easier for small children to grab the string.
There are also packs of plastic balls with bells that look like the Angry Birds - red, black, green. They come with 6 in a pack. My kitties will play with these but they are not their favorites.
Also the cats really like the Angry Birds Cat Wand. This wand has the pig and red Angry Bird. You can choose to put both on at the same time or one at a time. They are very easy to attached to the wand. My cat somehow got a hold of the pig in the night and well now it is missing some feathers but she still loves him. My kids have had a ton of fun with using the wand to play with both cats as they call it fishing for kitties!

Take a look at this video of P playing with Lily.

Looking for Angry Bird toys for your furry friends check out Walmart! Follow Hartz on Facebook and on Twitter @HartzPets. Want to see all the new product visit

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom on behalf of Hartz. I received complimentary product for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. I bet my moms cat would go nuts over that. We have dogs here. Oh and a Macaw :) When my daughter goes cat sitting they have a cat wand there, but it doe snot look as cool as this one

  2. Looks like fun! Hey, we had that same flooring in our kitchen until we put the hardwood in earlier this year.

    Mommy Moment

  3. Anonymous5:14 PM

    @Gingermommy they have them for dogs also :)

    @Jody I don't like it and would love other flooring but don't want to reno anymore just move :)

  4. UMM.

    Anything with Angry Birds is a WIN.



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