Marvelous Menu Planning Monday

This is the first week for Marvelous Menu Planning Monday! This week I am on a mission to clean out the big freezer in our basement. As I mentioned in my last post we purchase most of our meat from a local butchers and buy a big order at a time. It costs us $225 and lasts us about 3 months. I will blog about this more in its own post.

This past weekend I will admit I didn't get a chance to plan out my menu with this weeks flyers as they came in late and I have been working overnights and slept ALL day Saturday (wasn't feeling that well and must have really need the sleep). I did send hubby and the kids out to pick up a few things that were on sale and that we had coupons expiring this month. I am proud to say he did a wonderful job and saved almost $40 with coupons alone, not counting the great deals he got.

On to this weeks menu and then I will post a linky if you would like to link up your menu for the week.

Monday December 12/11 - Spaghetti with meat sauce and cesaer salad.

Tuesday December 13/11 - Manwhich with fries, cooked veggies

Wednesday December 14/11 - Frittata with cheese and bacon

Thursday December 15/11 - Fish, Rice and veggies

Friday December 16/11 - Chili (maybe ground beef maybe sausage) garlic bread and salad (I will post a recipe for my easy Chili very soon as I love making it in the winter)

Saturday December 17/11 - Venison ribs, mashed potatoes and veggies (This is the first time to make venison ribs, do you have a tasty recipe?)

Sunday December 18/11 - I know the kids have been asking for Breakfast for dinner so we will have homemade waffles or pancakes this night.

It's time to share your menu's for the week of December 12-18/11 Thanks a bunch for sharing!



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