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I get this question all the time, "Where can I find recipes that are quick, easy and are free?" I always answer "Go online". I love my recipe books and I will admit to having a huge collection, I can not give up my recipe books just something about having them all printed and so nice. If you don't want a huge book collection and are looking for free recipes there are tons online. I also get people telling me that they have tried some and they didn't turn out well. I usually suggest going to trusted sites that are put together by a company or a blogger who has tried the recipe and then posted it.

What do you do when you find great recipes? Do you just book mark them? No, I have taken a big three ring binder and turned it into a family recipe book. I then divided it into sections like breakfast, muffins, cookies/cakes, meat, soups etc. Over the last few years I have added to this book whenever we find another great recipe. This can be from one of my cookbooks or online. Which reminds me one day soon I should organize this binder again as it is over flowing and out of order. I am thinking of actually making two binders one for desserts and the other for meals. While I do this I can post about it also for everyone to see what it looks like, if you would like?

I have a bunch of sites I love to check when I an in need of a recipe. These include Kraft Canada, (this is a site where users post their recipes they love, I suggest you find users that have posted many and have reviews on them. Also I just found out that Shreddies has a partnership with them), Crock-Pot, Life Made Delicious and so many more.

This is a new site I just found while writing this post, if you use it let me know what you think - looks like all the recipes have been gathered from magazines, and online company sites.

I will keep reviewing recipes and adding them here so Marvelous Mommy Meals is another great place to find yummy recipes. I also love reading other food blogs.

Enjoy your tasty finds! I would love you to come back and share what you have tried.


~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Marvelous Mommy Meals. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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