Do you procrastinate? I have always been a procrastinator. Usually leaving everything until the last, last minute or second. In school I would stay up late finishing up that assignment or studying for the test the next day. I would always get stuff in on time or be ready for the test. I would just put it off until I couldn't any longer.

Lately though, I would say in the last year I have been bad with procrastinating and with a few things I just missed the deadline. I take work seriously and I also take blogging deadline seriously but I have procrasinated in purchasing my new license plate stickers. Yes, I know Happy Birthday to me, why would one want to go buy those on our birthdays anyways? I know they send them out before our birthday usually a month and a half before. Do I go get them when it comes in? No, of course not. I will usually wait and pick it up just around my birthday.

Over the last year I have been in a rut. I have been easily stressed and I have been having a hard time managing the stress at work. I have gotten to points where I feel a huge need for change because of the stress or depression I am feeling. This is hard for me to write as I have a hard time admitting to not being able to feel like I can handle the stress and my feelings. This really should be another new years goal, to talk about things that are bothering me instead of letting things build up and then my way of dealing with it is stressing out and shutting down. 

Alright so back to procrastinating.... I didn't get the sticker for my vehicle plain and simple. This was for a few reason, procrastination, being sick, turning the Big 3-0 (that one I am still having problems with) and the holidays.

So I head into work last night only to be pulled over 2 minutes away from home. Why did I get pulled over? You got it, expired license plate sticker. God, I had just mentioned to hubby that I HAD to go this week for sure, no ifs ands or butts. I figured I would go Thursday when the kids are at school and I am not totally exhausted.

The officer was really nice but gave me the ticket and for right cause. He did tell me he would give me to the end of the week to come by the police station with my valid sticker receipt and it will be good. He also told me he would be working Friday-Sunday day shift. I will be heading out tomorrow morning first thing after getting the kids on the bus to get my sticker and then first thing I will do Friday after the kids are on the bus head to the police station and hope for the best. I don't want to pay $110 on top of the already $74 for the sticker. Yikes!

To make matters worse, the weather last night was horrible. Freezing rain and snow, I left early giving myself an extra 40 minutes which is usually always enough time. I lost 15 minutes on my trip by getting pulled over and then I got to the next town only to be stuck behind TWO snow plows that were going 35- 40km. I had to call in late and hope I wouldn't be too late. I did arrive to work safe so that is a HUGE plus last night. I only arrived 15 minutes late (for someone who is usually at least 10 minutes early) which wasn't too bad and stayed 15 minutes to make up for being late.

I was thinking about calling in sick as I wasn't feeling well yesterday morning. I have a sore throat again after I just got over turning 30 and having strep throat.

After it is all said and down, I had a bad day and I am hoping and praying for the rest of the week to go a lot better.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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