Where did you learn to drive?

Okay so this is going to be a vent and I try not to vent too much on Canadian Coupon Mom but today I have really had enough of bad drivers. I know we all have our off days but I must be seeing everyone at their worst the last couple months that it is unreal!

I really do want to know where these people got their license as they have no concept of road rules or common courtesy to other drivers or pedestrians. I understand when someone walks right out in front or you or cuts you off in their car but still think. You are in a huge piece of metal going really fast what would that do if it hit a child or another adult?

Last summer my mom had the kids and they walked across town to a store where they witness a lady get hit my a car. She was on the sidewalk and the car was leaving the parking lot. This was where my family was heading. My son to this day still recalls "the lady flew up in the air and fell on the ground". How scary is that as my son was 5 and my daughter was only 3 when this happened.

In the last couple months I have seen so many people pass when there are on coming traffic with not the best road conditions, speed through town streets that are 40km and have children going home after school, people running stops, rolling stops or like yesterday my son and I where waiting for a light to change green to cross the street and the car on my left was flying up to the intersection (which was about to turn red) he did stop but didn't look like he was going to, stopping over the walk line. As I turned to look right this guy flew right through a red! Think of the people or children that would have already been through the walk to that side. I was slow as I was watching the other car but technically we should have been half way through the intersection at that moment.
I am very glad to be a cautious pedestrian and driver but I am scared of the rest of the people out there. I don't mean to offend anyone but I know you have all at sometime witnessed this stuff yourself. It is a huge responsibility to be able to drive and people need to think about this as you may take the life you someone you love it you are being irresponsible when driving. 

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom. All opinions are honest and my own. This is not a sponsored post. I just needed to vent sorry.*~

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