Beat the Heat with Nerf Super Soakers!

With this beautiful weather we had over the last couple weeks, we have spent most of the time outside either at the park, out with our puppy or playing with our new Nerf water guns. My son was super excited when I pulled out a couple water guns to play with over the holiday weekend.

Our friends at Hasbro Canada sent us three Nerf water guns to try out and we want to share our thoughts. We pulled out the hose and guns, even a friend of my sons stopped by to play. All the kids had lots of fun and enjoyed spraying each other on such a hot day.

Super Soaker Tornado Strike - I think this is by far our favorite super soaker. It features a spinning and soaking action up to 20 feet! The kids love this one as it soaks their opponents very easily. Everyone had a turn with this one even myself! It soaks out in a big twisting stream which right away caught everyone off guard. This one is a manual super soaker but was very easy for the kids to use. Recommended for ages 6+.
Super Soaker Electrostorm - This may look like a very tiny water gun but it does surprise the opponent with a blast of water when they least expect it! This one was great for my daughters little hands and arms. It does require 2 AA batteries and I suggest using rechargeable as A chewed through a set of batteries very fast as she doesn't yet get to let go of the trigger from time to time. Recommended for ages 6+ but my 4+ daughter loves it!
Last but not least if you are a huge Nerf Super Soaker fan, you will want to try out the Super Soaker Lightning Storm! This is a big gun with a blast shield to block incoming water blasts! It requires 4 AA batteries but again if you have rechargeable ready to go you are all set. Blast your opponent with this motorized lightening storm and the super-sized water drum. Recommended for ages 6+.  
I can see lots of fun will be had this year with the new Nerf Super Soakers! The weather this year in Ontario is suppose to be hot and we will be beating the heat soaking each other.

All these fun Nerf Super Soakers can be found at Toys R Us and don't forget to check your local Zellers or Walmart! 

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom on behalf of Hasbro Canada. We received the above products for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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