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Recently there was a survey conducted by President's Choice Financial shows that while a majority of Canadians (56%) identify a male figure as "head of the household," 41% say that it is a woman who is responsible for managing day-to-day household expenses and bills. That compares with only 33% of respondents who cited a man and 22% who said family-finance duties are evenly split.

The survey also stated that many respondents said that when they were growing up their mother took responsibility for managing the household expenses and bills (42.8%), as opposed to their father (29.3%) or an equal split between the two (24.2%).

Here are some other poll findings:
  • In another indication that mom manages the family finances, children are considerably more likely to ask their mother for money than their fathers. When parents were asked if their kids were more likely to go to the "other parent" when they want money, men were more likely to say that was the case (31%), while women were more likely to disagree (66%); and
  • 53.1% of parents said that they do give their children an allowance
Don't forget to join Kathy Buckworth and ask her the questions you are needing help with to better your everyday finances on Twitter at 12pm EST tomorrow May 11, 2012.

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