Summer is here!

It is finally here! The nice warm weather that I have longed for! I am not a winter fan at all. I hate to feel cold, I love the warmth of the sun and being outdoors. I feel so cooped up all winter long as I do not enjoy the bitterness. I don't mind the days that are warm with nice layer of snow but not the dead middle of winter.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! Yesterday was also the opening of our towns new Splash Pad! Yay, another fun thing to do with the kids while at the park. We spent a good portion of our day at the splash pad with the kids loving every minute. My friend D and I met up at the park to have our kids play together. They get along very well and always seem to enjoy themselves.

Photo taken by Shawn Pankow
I remembered to put sunscreen on my children but not on myself today and well I am sure you can guess what I look like!
This weekend is the Victoria Day weekend and we have been trying to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend. Yesterday we headed back to the splash pad after a quick Shopper's Drug mart trip. There were ton on sale that we wanted and also wanted to get new sunscreen for both the kids and myself.

We arrived at the splash pad to see a few people in but it was very quiet. As we got closer we were told that there was a problem with it leaking over to where the change room building is being built, almost finished from the looks of it. The splash pad was turned off for the day until the town could have someone look at it.

The kids were disappointed but we took Molly and went to the lake right near there to see if she wanted a swim. It's official she can swim. She seemed to enjoy the water and the kids thought it was very funny seeing their new pup swim.

We went home and packed a picnic lunch and went down to the canal to have a picnic. We bought Molly with us to enjoy some time together. "A" wanted to really go swimming and it was hard as the only place was the "big kid" beach that we could have gotten wet at. The wadding pool I was told by a lady at the beach, wasn't open yet. I was shocked as usually it is open for the holiday weekend especially with the great weather.

Off to work I went for the afternoon and the kids spent some time with nanny playing out in the yard and taking Molly for a walk.

Today is a new day and we were up way to early! Well hubby headed to work and of course Molly woke, A was in our bed last night (must have had a bad dream). The only one still enjoying sleep is P. Looks like it will be another great day! We may take a short trip to the beach, if not it is definitely picnic weather again today!

Happy Victoria Day!  
~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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