Our New Family Addition is Here

Yesterday we welcomed our newest addition to our family, no not a baby but she is a big suck and I think she is going to be just like a baby. Her name is Molly and she will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. Molly is a beagle/basset hound mix and just too cute for words.

Meet Molly :)
Now comes all the fun and joys of training a new puppy! I am a little worried that we have already turned her into a big baby, as she needs to be always with someone and on their lap. I am looking for any advice and tips on crate training, potty training or any puppy tips. I am also looking for any tried and true dog treat recipes.

Molly is doing well with going to the bathroom outside we have had a few accidents but most times she is doing her job outside. I have found every hour to hour and a half is her time at the moment.

Molly loves to snuggle when we are watching television or when I was working on my computer. The kids are loving her and she is full of energy.

Stay tuned for our new puppy adventures................

~*Disclaimer: This post is written by Canadian Coupon Mom. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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