Last Minute Prep for Eat, Write, Retreat with Mabel's Labels

Today is the day before heading to Eat, Write, Retreat and I am running around getting everything done last minute. Each time I have a conference I tell myself everything that needs to be done before leaving and for some reason I always wait until the very last minute to get it done.

Even with this post, I wanted it done before today but I put it off because of nerves I think. I am very nervous for the plane and now I have found myself in DC at 9am and no check in until 3pm. I haven't even planned what to do in the meantime. I guess I will be a big girl and look around DC - this is a very first trip on my own to somewhere I have never been before.

Today I am tagging a lot of my valuables and packing everything so I am ready to walk out my front door no later than 4:30 am tomorrow morning! I am very exciting to be using my new labels from Mabel's Labels! They were special order and include my websites and twitter handle. Yes I am a huge social media geek!

Mabel's Labels was founded by a group of moms who were tired of having their kids take things out of the house and never return with them. I totally understand the frustration since my daughter seems to be the girl who can misplace everything. They tried many different methods and came up with Mabel's Labels signature labels. They can be customized with any name you want on them. They are bright and have fun designs and you can buy big/small combo packs etc.
Gadgets all labelled!
sorry for the horrible picture but was having a hard time to get a good one.
They go on items and stay on! I have had some items labelled for a year and the labels still are in new condition and don't show signs of coming off anytime soon.

I am going to go get some running around done and pack before the kids get home from school. It is an early to bed night for sure as we will be up very early. I will also be making a list of places to head to.

If you are attending the conference, I will see you soon! Stay tuned for after conference posts next week!


~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Marvelous Mommy Meals. I did receive the above labels in exchange for a mention on my blog. I do love them and only give my honest opinions.*~


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