Just so Busy!

Have you ever found yourself thinking “I am just too busy!”? I have been saying this to myself for a while now but even more so this month. The month of July has been extremely busy with the kids being home from school. Both of the kids have been playing soccer this season and that means we are at the field 4 days a week! I signed the kids up for a half day camp the first week of July. They attend this camp last year for the first time. This year the camps theme was the Sky and both A and P loved it. 

This week P is signed up for a full day sports camp. Each day is a different sport and he says he loves it. The evenings he has soccer you can really tell it has been a busy week for him as he starts to slow down halfway through the game. This is good prep for school in the fall though as he will be Monday - Friday full days.

While P is at camp A and I have most of the day to hang out. I signed A up for a reading buddy at the library for this week and next, she spends an hour each day with a buddy working on reading and writing. P will be attending the library the last week of July and beginning of August for his turn with a reading buddy. Oh and did I mention we have soccer 4 nights a week?

I work overnight awake shifts at work on a rotation and need to sleep during the day sometimes. I figure who needs sleep anyways, right?  I find it really busy after an overnight shift. I will sleep for a bit then wake up and get the dinner on the table and kids out the door. We have a rabbit, two cats and a puppy, which will be three months old on the 15th of July. She needs her walks or should I say she needs her runs!

Then we can’t forget the everyday chores around the house. Plus I love to bake and want to add more great recipes to Marvelous Mommy Meals. Sometimes I don’t know how I keep going at this pace. A lady at my daughter’s soccer game was complaining about working and getting her one child to soccer and all I could do was say “yes that must be busy”. She is also younger than me, works a day shift and in the same town she lives in.

Some days I find I am just too busy!

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