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I am joining in on the Bloggy Moms The Blog Dare. I tried this before but fell off the wagon. This time I would love to try to incorporate at least one post a week from the #BlogDare to share with you.

Today the writing prompt is Saying "No". This one should be pretty easy to write about as I really do have a hard time saying "no". I have been working hard on changing this as sometimes saying no is a good thing, we don't always have to say yes and sometimes it is better if we do say no.

We can easily stretch over selves too thin when we feel the need to always say Yes to everything/everyone that comes our way. I am a dedicated friend and have actually found out saying yes and helping people out sometimes can do more harm to the friendship than saying no would have been. I think it is easier to get over the no than saying yes and then having a hard time later.

I have also learned that sometimes this can really play havoc on our bodies when we say yes and then think why did I say yes. We may feel like this either because we are too tired, had to cancel plans or for another reason. I am not saying we should say no to everyone all the time but we should feel okay to say no when we don't feel like doing something or can't help in the way the person needs the help.

Here is one that people and myself have a hard time saying no too. Lending family or friends money when they need to purchase something or need money to get to the next pay day. Then in return the person takes advantage of you or they take a really long time to pay back the amount borrowed. Let's face it, I hear it all the time that people can not just give away money as most of us have a budget.

Do you have a hard time to say "no"? How has this affected you?  


~*Disclaimer: This post was written by CCM. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own. This is in part with the Bloggy Moms #BlogDare.*~

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