Marvelous Menu wk July 9th, 2012 & Updates

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks. It has been very busy around the house with school being out, the kids in soccer twice a week each and of course on different days. The kids have also been to a day camp last week and P is in a sports camp this week along with A attending a library reading buddy program this week and next. The whole month of July is crazy busy with preplanned activities and we are hoping to add some fun outings in August as a family.

I have also been super busy over on Canadian Coupon Mom as it has gotten a facelift! It is now called Genuine Jenn and Thanks to Jodi from Rants Design, an awesome new design! She is just working out some kinks with the new URL which will be I want to welcome you to stop by for a visit and don't forget to leave a comment! Thanks!

Here I sit outside the library waiting on A and I thought I would post my menu for the week.

Monday - Porkchops with corn relish and onion roasted potatoes (Mom's Who Think)

Tuesday -  Ground Beef Risotto (Life Made Delicious) 

Wednesday - Slow cooker roast or chicken, salad and potatoes

Thursday - TBA - Quick meal from Kraft Canada

Friday - TBA - from a review cookbook

Saturday - TBA - from a review cookbook

Sunday - Homemade pizzas - may make dough if weather isn't too hot

If the heat isn't too hot this week, I would love to do some baking. The kids are asking for some fun ice cream cupcakes and I would love a chocolate chip banana bread.

I also have a peanut butter cookbook to review and hope to get some baking done from it.


~*Disclaimer: This post was MMM. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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