Thinking About Attending BlissDom Canada '12?

It's Mapletastic!I am excited to tell you that plans are in the works for this fall’s conferences, for the second year I will be attending BlissDom Canada! This is a women’s conference put together by women. It is a conference to help bloggers learn more about social media, writing, connecting with brands and so much more.  

Last fall I made the trip to Toronto to attend BlissDom Canada without really knowing what to expect. I read all the blog posts from the conference in 2010 and it looked like a great experience to grow as a blogger. The tickets went fast! Less than two hours but I was able to get two tickets, one for myself and the other for a friend.

The other day I was asked to answer the question “What does BlissDom Canada mean to me?”

I sat back and thought about the conference from last year remember all the fun and learning I did over that weekend in Toronto. A great part of attending conferences like this is the networking but attending BlissDom Canada wasn’t just about networking, it was about being part of a great friendly community. It was about meeting new and exciting bloggers woman from all over Canada. Being a new blogger and also attending my first conferences everyone was very accepting and welcoming. A great place to learn more about myself, my blog and were I would like to have my blog head. A few months after I started a new blog called Marvelous Mommy Meals. 
There were many great highlights of BlissDom Canada ’11 that will never be forgotten – The CBC red carpet event, meeting Jordan Knight & Gail Vaz-Oxlade and all the wonderful brands, hearing other great bloggers tell their stories and give their insights and getting to connect with them over the weekend. It was a wealth of information that I have carried with me and using to help my blog, the best one – be authentic. I live by this and blog by it also.

Finding my niche, after just over two years I think I have figured this one out. I am in the works redesigning this blog into something more of myself, I still will share great products we discover but I will be working on my writing through family stories and writing prompts.

I look forward to attending BlissDom Canada again this fall and connecting with tons of new people. I know I will arrive home with great lessons learned and tons of surprises as BlissDom Canada is known for their surprises!

Will you be joining in on the fun at BlissDom Canada ’12? I hope to see you there!

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by CCM. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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