IAMS Holiday Giveaway!

As you know our pets love IAMS and we have done a few posts in the past about IAMS and also their program over the Holidays called Home 4 the Holidays. Recently our friends at IAMS sent us this great Christmas gift and we would love to share some of it with a lucky reader.
I will make this a really simple giveaway please leave a comment below with a funny story about one of your pets. Which ever comment makes my kids laugh the most will be the winner! We always love to hear what other peoples pets do as we know ours can do some really silly things. Please make sure to leave a contact if you are picked. Also please let me know if the comment section if you mind if I can re-post your funny story on my blog.

You will win - full price coupons for one bag of cat food and one bag of dog food, a brush, bandana, scoop, poop bag holder with bags. This giveaway is open to Canadian residents, and will end on January 2nd at 11:59pm est.

And please don't forget to check out the Home 4 the Holiday post and help if you can.

I also want to leave you will some inspiration. Kids and boxes are fun but throw in a 9 month old pup and this is what happens.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. Our little poodle Sadie is very smart and we have to spell quite a few words around her. One in particular is CAR RIDE. We always make a point of spelling it unless we intend to take her with us. One day my parents were visiting, and when they went to leave, Mom said, "Guess we'd better go for a car ride and pick up a few groceries."
    Bingo, Sadie was at her side & followed on her heels out the door.
    Mom felt so bad, she actually took the dog on a car ride around the block & then dropped her off back at our house.
    I can truly say I've seen a dog smile. Sadie was one happy pup!
    bandkgram at hotmail dot ca

  2. Our shihtzu Harley is 2 now I remember when he was a puppy, around 2 months old,everything that hit the floor he had it in his mouth. My son Jake who was a year old at the time would always be dropping things,this one day Jake was going around sucking on his pacifier and he took it out of his mouth and stumbled dropped his pacifier and Harley grabbed it off the floor and started running around the house with the pacifier in his mouth! It was funny seeing a puppy running around the house with a pacifier,and the rubber part was in his mouth too just like a baby would use it! Jake wasn't impressed at all though! lol :)
    you can repost my story if I win!
    tammykd at live dot com

  3. We recently adopted 2 small Chihuahuas and they are hoarders and they try to eat everything (underwear is a favorite and my kids keep losing theirs). I shake out their blanket and bed once a week and find all kinds of things. Yesterday I found half of a candy cane, two polished gemstones from a craft project, a pinecone, shredded paper, and a toy. My oven mitt got knocked off of the counter and they were eating it before I could turn around. And just today my son unwrapped a package of glittery gold candles for Christmas and accidentally dropped the wrapper beside the garbage. Our female Chihuahua grabbed it and ran to her bed and by the time we got it away she looked like a Christmas tree ornament. She looked up at me and her eyelids were caked with glitter as if she had tried putting on makeup. It took me half an hour to wash the glitter off of her.

    My email address is and yes you can share my story.

  4. my lexus was a good girl so i gave her a teaspoon with peanut butter. she went to her bed cleaned it crystal and brought it back to me. i ignored her to see what she would do and i started to walk around the house and she fallowed me everywhere with the silver spoon in her mouth looking at me with such sad eyes. they said "can i have some more please". it was so funny because she was so determined to get more.
    tks all.

  5. My husand got up last Christmas morning to let our 2 little dogs out and he said they ran right to their Christmas stockings with eager enthusiasm! lol
    I had filled them with a new toy and treats the night before without them seeing!!! Funny AND adoreable!

  6. Here's my e-mail I forgot to leave from comment above via

  7. My kitties are all indoor cats but when the weather is nice we sometimes let them out front in the flower beds for a few moments to sniff around. The other morning the youngest one got it in her head that she needed to go outside. Little did she know, it's not summer anymore and there's this really cold white stuff called snow on the ground. She ran out into the flower bed and then turned and looked at me like I had done a terrible thing! She ran back in the house and cleaned her little feet for about a half an hour. She's a summer-loving kitty.

  8. One day I was trying to make my bed when my 13 beagle Katie jumped up and layed down. I put the fitted sheet on top of her and continued to make the bed, a lumpy bed that is!

  9. I was minding my own business, when I heard a meowing from the basement. I looked around, and couldn't find the cat. It didn't take me to long to realize that kiddy was behind the drywall (behind the washing machine).

    After quickly consulting with my boyfriend (now husband) regarding what to do, the drywall was kicked until it was no more, and kitty was free!

    I can't say I was nearly as impressed when I caught her in the ceiling a few months later :P

  10. If chosen you are free to repost/publish this.

  11. When Prince (My Cockapoo) was a puppy he used to run into walls all the time from him just being clumsy. So this one time I'm playing catch with him in our main hallway and he goes running after the ball. Now hes a really picky eater so sometimes the food just sits there for hours and he'll go and nip a few bites here and there...

    Well with his super excitment he runs and I suppose decides to grab a bite while running for the ball and runs right into the bowl!

    Food goes flying everywhere and its all over his face!

    Confused at what just happened he sits down and stares at the bowl and looks at me. Food dripping down from his face looking sad and confused why I'm laughing so hard. Comes up to me and puts his face right on my lap. I give him a hug and clean him up!

  12. Darn it. You have my consent to publish this story anywhere you like!

  13. Our lovely Katie was adopted through our local SPCA. She was 4 years old, weak and tired but she found a way to run her motor when I gently stroked her. It was that moment I decided she was coming home with me.
    Katie required some time to adapt. Her history was vague and so skiddish of the slightest thing. For several nights I camped out on the couch and held her close to my heart, showing her that I loved her and she may trust.
    That was 2 years ago. She is the most affectionate, cat. Every day she show her gratitude and love.
    Now our Katie does not have a traditional "meow", but more of a "Mwah", like she is throwing kisses. Her yawns swallow up her face, and when she thinks she's getting a treat, her eyes go crossed eyed and she nods her head.
    Her whole mannerisms are comical.
    They always say an animal picks their owner, but for Katie and myself....we found each other.


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  15. We rescued a malamute just 1 day before he was to be put down from the shelter. The first time we took our kids sledding with him, Our oldest daughter (11) was holding his leash while we were helping the younger ones get on their sleds. She sat down on a crazy carpet when all of a sudden when the younger ones started going down the hill, our dog started running beside them! She was still holding his leash, so she took off on the sled and passed the other kids with the dog! I yelled for her to let go of the leash and she did, and our dog just stopped, looked up at us and started jumping and kicking snow everywhere! He is so much fun to go sledding with but he is trained a little better now!

    breej23 at hotmail dot com

    If chosen, my story can be reposted. Thank you!

  16. I forgot to leave a contact email. You may re-post my story if you like.

  17. I'm going to tell you about the time our puppy managed to shoot poop up our stairs! When we first got him, we were using a baby gate to block the stairs when we went out without him because the whole downstairs is hardwood but the stairs are carpeted and he was not potty trained yet. One day we came home and he was still downstairs and the gate was still up but there was poop on the landing of the stairs. He was way to small to jump over the gate so to this day we still come up with crazy scenarios of how he got the poop up there. My sons favorite scenario is that he built a slingshot with his toys and slung the poop onto the landing because he was mad at us for leaving him home alone.

    *My story can be reposted if chosen.

  18. We have a wiener dog named Chubby! He was the biggest of his litter, hence the name. :)
    Anyway, Chubby loves to be on our laps, and whenever we are doing something else, on the computer, reading the newspaper, he gets jealous and pushes whatever we are doing out of the way! So I've just recently had my first baby, a little girl, and Chubby hates not being the centre of attention! Whenever I have to feed Molly, Chubby just up with us on the couch and pushes his way onto my lap! It looks like I'm breastfeeding a baby AND a dog!

    You can publish this if you want!

  19. my dog, meiko, a black pug was staying at my moms with her dogs when we went somewhere for christmas shopping. when we came home we noticed that he had torn off the plastic of a completely sealed box of pot of gold chocolates and ate the whole top layer. we have no idea how he got through the plastic and the cardboard... he paid for it later though....poor guy had the runs for the next couple of days!


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