Get Fit ~ Week 5

Since I have been side lined for my Couch to 5km I have been walking up a storm. Last weekend I attended Blissdom Canada with my fellow bloggers and didn't get as much power walking as I wanted to because well *hangs head* my roomie and I slept in on Saturday and Sunday. On Friday though we got up at 6:30am to head down to the hotels fitness room and went for our power walk. We spent 30 minutes on the treadmill power walking. Better than nothing, right? I also am very proud that I didn't consume tons of liquid calories.. ok maybe tons of my calories were from the Tim Hortons coffee but I do take my coffee with just milk.

This past week I have really tried to push myself to increase the distance that Molly and I walk daily.

Monday - 4.78k
Tuesday - 5.87k & 4.75k
Wednesday - 5.96k 
Thursday - 6.98k & 1.17k

The grand total this week is 29.51km and I still have today to get a good walk in. With the kids being home from school on a PA day I don't think I will get more than a 4 or 5km walk. I had this week off work which made it easy to walk everyday when the kids went to school. Over the next couple weeks I am going to get myself into a routine. The days I am not working are easy to get out for a walk, it is the days I need to come home and sleep while the kids are at school that are the hard days. Maybe I can see if I can get a 30 minute walk in before crashing into bed.

This week the weather has been amazing for October in Ontario Canada. Wednesday we had a really foggy morning and I got this photos in this post with my iPhone.

I weighed Molly at home this week and it looks like she may have lost 3 lbs already! This is great but we are having some troubles with cutting her food intake. She doesn't like to not eat 3 cups of food a day. We have tried to cut down to 2 cups over the day and she has been really annoying by the evening. We decided to go back up to 2 1/2 cups and we will get rid of the 1/2 a cup slower.
What did you do this week to help in your Get Fit journey?

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. Great walking this week! Keep it up. I've been doing my usual internet workouts, I discovered a new channel on YouTube, Fitness Blender, it's awesome! I've done two workouts so far and I am feeling it!

    1. Anonymous11:02 AM

      I will have to check those out when i am feeling better


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