Halloween Stories for Children

With the weather in our area being really wet we may end up cutting Trick-or-Treating a bit short this year and cozy up on the couch with hot chocolate and some cute Halloween stories for the kids. I have taken the night off work so I am sure hubby and I will pop in a horror movie after the kids go to bed.

Here are three cute Halloween stories for young children.

Smelly Ghost by Isabel Atherton

In Spooky Town, there live many ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, and scary creatures. However, none of these creepy characters wants to play with a particular ghost—Smelly Ghost. The reason is simple: Smelly Ghost only consumes frightening junk food. He devours bone chips, chocolate toes, and eyeball pizza. Sadly, these foods make his tummy growl and yell—keeping everyone far, far away. Devastated, Smelly Ghost wonders why no one wants to be his friend.

One day, Janice the mummy-cleaner suggests to Smelly Ghost that perhaps he try eating some creepy vegetables and spine-chilling fruit. What does he have to lose? He eagerly begins to munch on ghoul carrots and to nibble on slime bananas. And in the process, Smelly Ghost starts to feel more energetic and even floats higher and faster. Slowly but surely, the other Spooky Town inhabitants creep back toward Smelly Ghost, and he is soon playing with them every day. Smelly Ghost is an entertaining book that also encourages children to eat healthy, promoting not only a nutritious diet but also a healthy body and mind.

Our Thoughts: Both the kids enjoyed this book and we had some fun talks after reading Smelly Ghost about eating the right foods to make you feel good and healthy. It is a great book for young children to talk about limiting how much candy they eat and not to forget to eat their Creepy veggies and spine-chilling fruit. 

Five Little Monkeys Trick-or-Treat by Eileen Christelow
Five excited little monkeys dress up for Halloween. They are going trick-or-treating with their favorite babysitter, Lulu. “Ghost, princess, goblin, banana, and alien,” Mama reminds her. “Don’t lose the rascals!” But soon those mischievous monkeys meet other costumed friends and decide to try “the best Halloween trick ever!” Will Lulu be fooled? Or will those five little rascals get tricked by their own monkey business?

Vibrant, silly, and perfect for reading aloud, this non-scary Halloween story is sure to delight fans of this best-selling series. Includes recipes for “eyeballs” and “worm juice” so kids and their grownups can make their own holiday “trick” treats at home.
Our Thoughts: The kids LOVE the Five Little Monkeys series and will read them over and over again. They were really excited to see this in our Halloween pile and we have read it a bunch of times already. It is a great little tale of monkey business and had the kids laughing out loud while listening to the story. My son even took the book to read to himself and didn't have any issues as a grade 2 reader.

Ollie's Halloween by Oliver Dunrea (Board Book)

Goslings are on the prowl in this holiday board book from the popular Gossie & Friends series! While Gossie, Gertie, Peedie, and BooBoo are tricking and treating, Ollie is thinking about how sharing is better than scaring. With shiny foil on the cover, a gentle Halloween story, and Olivier Dunrea's signature adorable artwork, this book is the perfect one to share with the littlest trick-or-treaters this October!

You can purchase all these great titles and many more at Thomas Allen & Sons Ltd website. 

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn on behalf of Thomas Allen & Sons Ltd. I received the above book for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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