Week 4 ~ Get Fit Doggy Edition

Last week I took Miss Molly to the vet for her yearly visit. I was a little concerned about her weight but at the same time I thought we have been very  good at keeping her active and watching what she eats (no table scraps, very minimal treats) so we should be okay.

Miss Molly did really well with being on the vets table at first and then she decided she didn't want to be there anymore. Being the big suck she is, she decided to give me a hug and hope I would do something for her. When I left her on the table she decided to literally jump into my arms and try to sit on my head. Hmm.....

She survived the appointment and so did I. All is well, she got her vaccinations and the dr said she is a healthy 18 month old but.... She is overweight. Humph, ok. I asked the dr what he thought was a good weight for her especially since she is a beagle and his answer was very shocking. She should be 30lbs! What? She is 37 lbs! How in the world am I going to get a beagle to lose 7 lbs???

He said exercise. We chatted about my new workout program and he said she is a healthy beagle so running would be good for her. Also big walks are great for weight loss and will help tire her out so she hopefully will be less anxious.
Miss Molly isn't just my walking/running buddy because I want her to be, it is now because she is on a weight loss program herself. Her goal 7lbs. We are also cutting back on the food as the more I think about it, she does get an extra serving by dinner time.

This past week we have increased our walks throughout the day to aim for 8-10km a day. Both Tuesday and Wednesday we completed this challenge. Today I am heading to Blissdom Canada and hope to get some fitness in before all the conference stuff happens on Friday and Saturday, this will leave my two travel days as my days of rest. 

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Do you have a walking/exercise buddy?

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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