Keep Your Carpet Healthy & Beautiful With Proper Maintenance

Source: Nolie's Place
Let’s face it: If you’re a carpet owner, there’s quite a bit of work involved with keeping your floor clean and stain free! If you hope to maintain your carpet and keep it healthy for years to come, follow these helpful carpet cleaning tips.

1.  Vacuum on a regular basis. This prevents every day dirt and grime from setting into your carpet.

2.  Consider placing area rugs in higher traffic areas.

3.  Use a specialized cleaner to treat any spills or stains right when they occur. If spills are a normal occurrence for you, consider looking into a stain resistant carpet, such as a Stainmaster carpet. Visit a local Flooring America to find out more about a Stainmaster carpet.

4.  Shampoo your carpets every few months to get rid of soil that could be trapped deep within the fibers.

5.  Apply protective solutions to your carpet that can help reduce the severity of a stain.

6.  If you do spill, blot and try to soak up as much of the liquid on the carpet as you can before it sinks into the carpet pad.

7.  Never pour water on a stain, this will only have the stain sink deeper into the carpet and make the stain worse in the long term.)

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