Reading Challenge for 2014

I know I am a bit late on posting my reading challenge but it has been a pretty busy couple months. Last year I made a reading challenge to read 50 books but I came in just under at 47. This year I have decided to lower the goal as I have been trying to find time to get back into knitting and also learning to crochet. It is very hard to read and knit something at the same time. I haven't yet figured out how to do it. I have figured out how to read and walk the treadmill at the same time! 

Here are my goals/challenges for 2014: 

* Read different genres that I don't normally pick up as of late ~ paranormal/scifi/urban fantasy/religion/self-help/documentaries/memoirs. I think at least 1 in each category to start.

* Read 5 indie authors I have not read before. 

* Start 2 new series and finish at least 4 series that I have started last year (as long as the author has the books available of course)

* Read at least 2 Canadian authors that I haven't read before. 

* Read more cookbooks! I have fallen off the cooking/baking band wagon and need to get back on it. I am hoping to find some new favorite recipes for the family this year, along with trying things we may not have tried otherwise. 

I love to read a lot as you can see from all the book reviews. It really is a great feeling to get lost in a title that has you feeling what the characters feel. I find sometimes you can get very attached that it is hard when the book or series ends. 

Now that I have actually put down some thoughts into my reading challenge I realize I may need to up my goal. Originally I was aiming for 35 books this year but I can see I will be aiming higher especially since my books read already are 11. I guess 50 might be a better goal again this year.
I have found some great e-book sites and will be making a list of my favorites to share with everyone soon. I am heading over to eBooks by Sainsbury's to add more books to my to be read pile. They have some great prices and so many titles and authors I have never heard of before.  It is time to load up the e-reader and get working on these challenges!

I plan to update my post often with the goals I have reached or new ones I think of so keep an eye out for those posts. I hope to make them month as I add to my list of books read and to be read. 

What is your reading goal for 2014? Do you keep track on Goodreads or another place?

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. If you're looking for a good Canadian author - I really like Douglas Coupland. His books are a great read :) Good luck!

  2. My reading goal is to read 40 books.


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