The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom by Delaine Moore ~ Book Review & Giveaway!

I recently had the opportunity to read a book by a Canadian author (Yay Canada!), it is more a memoir of the authors life after an affair and her divorce. Here is the book summary and read down for my review and a special giveaway! 

Book Summary:

For seven years, Delaine Moore devoted herself to being the perfect wife and stay-at-home mom to her three kids. But when infidelities and betrayal plow through her life, she suddenly finds herself in a new role: 37 years old, going through a divorce, and thrown into a singlehood she has no idea how to navigate. Surprise of all surprises, her long-dormant libido rouses to show her the way.

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom is the raw, funny and empowering story of the physical and spiritual self-discovery that results from Moore’s sexual awakening. Connecting with a fiery, daring side of her personality that has been subsumed by motherhood and marriage, Moore gradually steps further and further outside of her confined identity and sexual boundaries. From online dating and attending a sex club to traveling out of country to explore BDSM with a Dominant, Moore tests her limits, regains ownership of her body, and takes full control of her life. More than the story of a woman’s breaking and remaking after divorce, The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom is a humorous, thoughtful exploration of what it means to be a woman and a sexual being, be she a mom, wife, girlfriend, or divorcee. It also serves as a reminder that when life slams you down, a little fire won’t burn you — it will awaken you.

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Book to Movie~ This book has been turned into a movie and will be aired on Lifetime channel sometime in April or May of this year.  Stay tuned for more information closer to the air date!!

About the Author:

Delaine Moore is a divorced mother of three turned author, Mars Venus Coach, journalist,and speaker.

Her memoir "The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom” was released internationally in March 2012 through the feminist publisher Seal Press. It is now being turned into a Lifetime TV movie starring Ashley Jones (2014).

Further trained as an NLP Therapist and Mars Venus Executive Trainer & Life Coach,Delaine has worked with renown relationship expert Dr. John Gray (author of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus") and delivered presentations and coaching to individuals and groups in the areas of gender intelligence and relationship counseling. Through her blog, I Am Divorced Not, she has coached and inspired thousands of divorced women and men to successfully shed their married skin, date with confidence, and pursue passion and success in all areas of their lives.

The former COO and Executive Editor of Divorced Women Online, Delaine’s expert articles have appeared on, The Huffington Post, The, MSN's GLO, First Wives World and The New York Time’s Her essay, “Less Than a Bump and a Grind,” won the Readers’ Choice Award in’s essay competition, and she has made other media appearances on the likes of Cosmo Radio, Calgary Breakfast Show, Alberta Primetime,Divorce Blog Radio and Financially Fit TV.

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My Review

I don't read a lot of memoirs but was very intrigued by the book summary and the title. I was also excited because Delaine Mooore is Canadian! Actually at one time she lived almost in my area. This memoir was super easy to read, Delaine has a great writing style that flows well and captivates the reader. I felt like I was one of Delaine's girlfriends and she was telling me her story. This was one heck of a story. I am empowered by the confidence that Delaine put forth in moving on with her life in a hard time, while raising three young children and finding her self again along with her sexual self. I am a very independent women and always have been pretty head strong. I love that through meeting The Duke, Delaine learned about being Dominant in both the bedroom and into her life in general. Not in a whips and chains kind of dominance but in the way of letting the men she met know she was in control of her life and her body and wasn't afraid to speak for what she wanted. Delaine really did unleash her "Wild Women" within and came out on top.

I also wanted to add after speaking with Delaine through emails and reading this book that Delaine has a kind heart and is one of those women that you just want to be around as you know she is being honest and will tell you like it is. Her confidence radiates through her writing. This was a fabulous book for any women to read, not just a divorcee. I couldn't put it down, I laughed, I cried and really felt the empowerment after reading it.

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~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. I received a copy of the above title for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. I'd like to win it for a close friend who is just going through a divorce.
    My rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  2. I would like to win this book for my sister.

  3. I'd like to win this for my aunt who was divorced a few months ago and am living on her own now


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