April 22, 2012 is Earth Day!

How are you talking to your children about Earth Day and what we can do to help the environment? We will be making some fun recycled crafts - I think I will try to make a tin can robot with the kids to hang on the patio. We have tons of cans of all sizes in the bin and also other odds and ends that would be fun.

We will also be working on making a few Tin Can Herb Pots, I found this one site that has some great directions on making them. I will post them after we make them. I am also looking into composting to throw out less and be more green.

Another great Earth Day activity is to read books about being green and the Earth. We love to read and have read a few books that you and your kids may also enjoy. Take a peek at these great books.

Miss Fox's Class Goes Green - by Eileeen Spinelli

"When Miss Fox shows up at school riding her bicycle, Mouse asks, "Do you have a flat tire?" "No," Miss Fox tells her students. "I am going green!" Soon everyone in the class is working to keep the earth healthy. Mouse takes shorter showers (and does her singing after!); Bunny brings a cloth bag to the supermarket; and Possum turns the lights off when he goes out. And Miss Fox's simple act has ripples even beyond her own students...soon the whole school starts riding their bikes--including the principal" From Thomas Allen & Son 

Our thoughts - We read this book together the kids and I and then I asked them a bunch of questions on how we can be more green and what we already do to be green. They enjoyed the book and remember a lot of what the students did in the book to help the earth. It's a great book for little kids to help get them started on how to be more green, turning off lights, having shorter showers, using fabric bags for groceries and lots more.

This Tree Counts! - by Alison Formento
"If you listen carefully to the lone tree behind Oak Lane School, it has a story to tell, about... one owl, two spiders, three squirrels, four robins, five caterpillars, six ants, seven crickets, eight flies, nine ladybugs, and ten earthworms, all living safe and free in their tree home. What does this tree need? The children know-it needs friends!" From Thomas Allen & Son

Our thoughts - The kids enjoyed this book and helped count throughout it. We then talked about the book and why trees are good for the earth. My son has a great memory and now knows that trees take in the bad air and make good air. We talked about how trees are homes for lots of insects and animals. It was a great nature book. I love the drawings throughout this book.

Want to read these books also? Head over to Thomas Allen & Son Ltd to find where you can purchase either of these for Earth Day.

Hope you have a wonderful Earth Day! I would love to hear what you have planned for Earth Day or how you are green, please leave a comment below. 

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom on behalf of Thomas Allen and Son Ltd. We received the above mentioned books for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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