Marvelous Menu Monday Week of April 16-22,2012

Sorry for the late Marvelous Menu post last week was super busy with work, sleep and training. Of course with all the stress, work and lack of sleep I have picked up someones cold :( So now being sick I am trying to relax on my day off and catch up on blogging for Marvelous Mommy Meals and Canadian Coupon Mom (check out the newest reviews and giveaways!)

This week I am still reviewing the same book as last week and hope to have the review post up later this week! It is a fantastic book so far but I love to try many recipes before posting. If you are a publisher of cookbooks or author of a book you would like reviewed and promoted please email me marvelousmommymeals (at)

Now on to this weeks Marvelous Menu:

Monday - Left over Bean Salad from weekend, rice and All You Need is Loaf (TLC pg 235)

Tuesday - Miss American Thigh (TLC pg 145 will substitute chicken breast as we don't have thighs on hand) with mashed garlic potatoes and salad

Wednesday - Unrolled Cabbage Rolls (TLC pg 238)

Thursday - Tube Beef or Not Tube Beef (TLC pg 114) Slow Cooker!

Friday - Thigh Master (TLC pg 138 again using Chicken Breast instead of thighs), over a bed of Rice with salad.

Saturday - It's Only Brocc'n' Bowl (TLC pg 78)

Sunday -Pasta Point of No Return (TLC pg 135) (if hubby is home early he can cook BBQ porkchops or steak)

Dessert - none got baked last week as it was so busy. This week we will look back to last and maybe add a few things. The kids want to have a bake sale/yard sale on the weekend and sell goodies and old toys so if the weather is nice we will be outside all morning.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Marvelous Mommy Meals. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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