Getting ready for Eat, Write Retreat pt 1

Wow! One week from today I will be landing in Washington DC! I have never been to DC or on a plane so this will be a scary fun experience. Any tips or places to see please let me know. Tips for being on a plane would be wonderful also as I think this is the part I am very nervous about.

When I found out I was heading to Eat, Write, Retreat I quickly looked up flights and found some that were (or at least I thought they were) around $600-800. Now of course I am a procrastinator sometimes and this is something I was nervous about as I procrastinated on. Over the Easter weekend I guess one airline had a sale on flights and well it was a short sale and I heard about it just after missing out on a great opportunity.

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Yesterday the kids headed off to school and I finished up some emails, a blog post and then decided I HAVE to book my flight. I spent three hours online searching every site that came up. Most would give about the same price for flights or a $100 off. I then found a SUPER CHEAP flight less than $400 round trip. I was super nervous as the rest were going for around $1000 round trip. Plus on the way home I would have a 10 hr layover in Philadelphia. I didn't have a good feeling for that one.

As a newbie at booking online flights I got very overwhelmed with all the choices. After three hours I just threw in the towel and called our local travel agent and asked about a flight. The lady found me the same flight I was looking at in the end but saved me almost $200. Plus that included their service charge.

This morning I headed in to the office to fill in the paper work and pay for my ticket. I am just waiting for the lady to call for me to go in and pick it up. I am very excited to have that settled and not have to worry about flight, just need to get suitcase (make sure its the right size), pack, and get there on time.


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