The Looneyspoons Collection Cookbook Review

I know it has been very quiet around here the last couple weeks. I have been busy reviewing tasty recipes to give my honest opinions on Janet & Greta Podleski's newest cookbook - The Looneyspoons Collection. If you haven't heard of the Looneyspoons Cookbook it was Janet & Greta's first cookbook and featured tasty low-fat recipes with character. Each recipe had a fun name and there were comic like pictures throughout. This first cookbook was printed in 1996. As the original cookbook is retired they have compiled some of the great recipes from it and added a ton of new recipes, tips and photos to this new cookbook!

The Looneyspoons Collection has 400 pages and contains 325 recipes! Almost one for everyday of the year. Over the last few weeks we have tried a bunch of the recipes and still have more that we will be trying out over the next month or so.

Here is what we have tried so far:
  • Quiche Me, You Fool!
  • It's Only Brocc'n' Bowl  
  • Thigh Master
  • Tube Beef or Not Tube Beef
  • Miss American Thigh
  • A Lotta Endchilada
  • Welcome Back, 'Cotta
  • Let It Bean
  • Mixed Up Meatballs
  • Bye Bye Burgie
  • The Breakfast of Champignons
Each one of the recipes we have tried have been easy to make and most of the ingredients I have had no problems finding in my grocery store. Coriander and Tarragon have been the exception and I went to the local health food store down the street from our house and found it no problem.
The kids loved the names and out of no where would come out with Quiche me, ya fool - my daughter thought it was hilarious! All the meals were big hits but I think the family favorite was A Lotta Endchilada and Tube Beef, or Not Tube Beef so far. The latter shocked me that my son gobbled it up as he is not a fan of stewing beef or "stew" but this was more like a pasta sauce and he loved it.  
I love the tips about weight-loss, anti-aging and all the great nutrition tidbits throughout the book. You will also enjoy the little jokes here and there. By the way, did I mention these great ladies are Canadian? Yes they live in Ontario!

Janet & Greta's website is full of great information, recipes and you can find their books, four in total. Don't forgot to follow Greta & Janet on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Marvelous Mommy Meals, we received the above cookbook for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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