21 Day Fix Extreme Review

I am a bit behind in updating you on my workouts. It has been a busy month and last week we had a lot of internet and home phone problems that kept me off the laptop. I finished up 21 Day Fix Extreme and wanted to let you know how I liked it.

First lets talk nutrition, I don't like the word "diet" as it is always thought of as a bad thing or something one does to get "skinny" by starving themselves. If you think you need to starve to lose weight then the 21 Day Fix programs are not for you. With these programs you will eat all the time and be satisfied each time you eat. Yes, it may be difficult at first because it may not be foods you are used to eating but hopefully you will give it a try and see what can happen. If you eat a lot of starchy carbs or eat out at fast food places regularly I would highly suggest starting off with the original 21 Day Fix (more on this soon as I am now doing this program). The 21 Day Fix Extreme is extreme in the fitness programs but also in the eating. It is clean eating with no cheats or treats.

A lot of planning does go into the eating plan but in the long run I am sure you will be very happy you did it. I started off with the Countdown to Competition to see just what my body could do and handle. I also didn't want to lose weight so I did the maintenance plan for eating. This had me in a calorie bracket of 1800-2099. That is a lot of food especially on carb depletion days where I was aiming to eat 9 proteins in the day! Yes, that is right 9!! For the most part I got in 7-8 as I was finding it really hard to hit 9 on most days especially work days. Eating every two hours had my hubby laughing and making comments likes "wow! you are eating again?!?" "Nice diet, you eat all the time". It is true I ate all the time sometimes even thinking oh no I don't want to eat again.

The workouts are fabulous. They are 30 minutes, so it is really easy to squeeze them into your day. For the first time since I started working out I was able to squeeze in workouts on my work days and it felt great! The are intense workouts with weights, think Insanity and 21 day Fix original. Seven different workouts, a different one each day with a yoga being an active recovery day. The first week I found myself struggling, I wondered what I got myself into. I felt weak and lost in the workout especially the pilates with the resistance band. I really didn't enjoy that workout. I felt like I was playing with the band more than getting a workout in. The second week I was getting everything down much better and starting loving all the workouts, I changed my band to a pilates band and had the best workout that day. Week 3 I was on top of my game. It really does take a couple times to do each workout to learn it and feel more comfortable doing it. Don't give up! Keep pushing through even if you need to modify or go slower you will still get an awesome workout in! 
I was really pleased with my results. I didn't get a 6 pack abs but I did improve in my strength, I toned my arms and legs more. I can see the tops of my abs coming through and I did make it through all the workouts without missing one for 3 whole weeks! My food was on par 90% of the time. I didn't cheat with treats, yes at the end I may have had some extra peanut butter. I ended up losing 4 lbs and an 1 1/4 inches from my whole body. I didn't except to lose mush as I was eating a maintenance plan and my goal was more to cut the abs and bulk the muscle.  I wanted to gain more  strength overall and I feel that I succeeded in doing just that.

I am now working my way through the 21 Day Fix original program and loving it also. I have switched out the yoga though for the extreme yoga this week as I love that yoga. I am now able to do the crow arm balance and also the wheel for almost the whole time. This is something I want to continue improving and work my way up to a handstand and also work on learning bird of paradise and the other arm balance that is in the extreme. The thing I love most about this workout is there are usually 3 different poses (modified, intermediate and advanced). Something for everyone so you can start at the beginning and work to advanced moves if you would like to.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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