Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein ~ Review

A huge part of my weight loss and fitness journey has been finding the right supplements for my body to do what I need it to do. There are many protein shakes available on the market and they all have many great or not so great qualities. If you are looking for just a protein, you can find that. If you need a meal or snack replacement there are tons out there. I am especially looking for wholesome, clean, vegan protein along with other great supplements like meal replacements and workout proteins. 

I was introduced to Garden of Life a couple years back when I was at a blogging conference but at that moment in time I wasn't super serious about losing the weight and getting myself healthy. Now that I have decided I need to do this for myself and my family I have revisited this great company and I am happy to share some of their products with you on my blog!

Today I want to share their Organic Plant Protein. I know it doesn't sound like human food, sounds like something you would use to give your plants but it isn't. It is a wonderful product! I will be honest I have tried a handful of vegan shakes and well they tasted grassy, gritty or just had an awful taste to them. Garden of Life products are so different. I haven't had one that I haven't liked, even their original flavor is great. I don't have to add in anything to get in my shakes I can have them just with water in my shaker cup.

Organic Plant Protein is a smooth and delicious grain free organic plant protein packed with energy-giving protein and wholesome fiber. It is available in four different flavors - Smooth Chocolate, Smooth Vanilla, Smooth Coffee and Smooth Energy. 

What is Organic Plant Protein?

Organic Plant Protein is a Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified plant protein supplement that is different to any other protein in the Garden of Life line. Organic Plant Protein is uniquely formulated to have superior taste and texture, ideal for anyone looking for a clean protein supplement that is free of common allergens such as gluten, grains, dairy and soy.

Key Benefits:

  • Unique Protein Blend - Organic Plant Protein is made with a new different innovative blend of certified organic proteins which gives it an exceptional smooth and creamy texture... with no gritty texture
  • Tastes Delicious – Designed for superior taste and texture when mixed just with water. Available in 4 mouth-watering flavors…Smooth Chocolate, Smooth Vanilla, Smooth Coffee (with Marley Coffee) and Smooth Energy (with Guayaki® Yerba Mate and added vitamin B12). All flavors are natural and organic, no artificial ingredients are used. Also tastes incredible with 8oz unsweetened almond milk.
  • Grain Free and Gluten Free - all Garden of Life proteins are labelled gluten free, however Organic Plant Protein is unique in that it does not contain any grains or brown rice, and is therefore the only GOL protein that is considered both grain free and gluten free.
  • Highly Digestible – Organic Plant Protein delivers highly digestible grain free plant protein with 13 enzymes and 1 billion CFU of probiotics. This is important for those people who have difficulty digesting grains.
  • USDA Organic Farms - Garden of Life is working closely with and supporting several family farms in North America and Canada to produce high quality clean proteins. Organic Plant Protein is made with a unique blend of seven nutritious plant proteins, five organic American seed proteins — organic pea seed, organic flax seed, organic cranberry seed, organic chia seed and organic pumpkin seed. We work with our farmers to ensure that these ingredients are top quality and the cleanest available.
  • 2 African Super Foods - Moringa and Baobab are rich in protein, minerals and antioxidants. We purchase them through the African Hub to guarantee Fair Trade.
  • Excellent Source Protein – 15 grams of quality plant protein per serving with Complete Amino Acid Profile – ideal for growth, building muscles and repairing tissues.†
  • Over 3g Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Great for athletes, pre- or post-exercise, and anyone who wants to boost protein intake.
  • Less than 1g Sugar*, 2g to 4g of Fiber and Only 100 Calories per Serving - ideal macronutrient profile for the health conscious and for weight management.†
  • Cleanest protein on the shelf with DUAL Certification - All Garden of Life proteins including Organic Plant Protein are dual certified, Certified USDA Organic, and Non-GMO Project Verified (Independent, third-party verification). This is a gold standard for Garden of Life, yet it is surprisingly rare in our industry at present.
  • Vegan Certified, Kosher - No Dairy, No Soy. No Artificial or Chemical Ingredients.
I have tried all four flavors and I can't even tell you which would be my favorite, maybe the chocolate or vanilla. The Smooth Vanilla tastes like a birthday cake! I had it in a smoothie one day with cherries and it was the best smoothie I had in a long time. All of these flavors mix extremely well in a shaker cup, which is perfect for quick shakes on the go or as you are running out the door in the mornings.

The Smooth Coffee does contain 40mg of naturally occurring caffeine per serving so it is a great protein to take in the mornings for breakfast. I love that it gives you that nice little wake up. The Smooth Energy has natural energy from yerba mate and vitamin B12. It is another great protein when you need a quick little pick me up. I find if I am dragging in the afternoons this one is a great snack. 

I will be posting some fabulous recipes (like a chocolate that is made from Smooth Chocolate & PBFit, YUM) in the coming weeks that I hope you will love as much as I do with these Garden of Life proteins!

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. I received the above products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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