Follow The Dotted Line by Nancy Hersage ~ Book Review

Andrea Bravos is dazed and amazed when a Styrofoam burger box with her ex's ashes arrives in the mail. Her adventure to find out what happened will upset officials of several small countries, insult the founders of three major religions, give her four adult children acid reflux, and lead her to assault with a deadly golf club.

In the process, she will joyfully drag along her soft-spoken but fearsome accountant, while trying to fend off her mooch of a nephew. It’s a convoluted and quixotic caper, but it all comes together in the end—even the avocados, World War II spy, IRS agent, palm reader, and deadly spider.
Move over Marple and Plum, here comes Andy!
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Five-time national award winning playwright and screenwriter Nancy Hersage lives and works in Los Angeles. She has written screenplays for NBC, CBS, ABC and PBS and treatments for Spelling and Cruise Wagner. Her plays have been produced on three continents and by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Her novel, Tribunal, about sex trafficking, is available from Online Originals in London at Her new musical, Out!, written with Molly Hersage, is available from the Dramatic Publishing Company of Chicago at  Contact Nancy or learn more about her novels, stage plays and screenwriting at
Introducing the Andrea Bravos Mystery Series
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 I had fun with these characters.  Mitch gets his dads ashes in a burger box.  Ian played in a band . Sam was the athlete and proud teacher.  Little Lil , had little kids. Andrea the mom, bless her heart, she had her son blurting- out dad's dead.  The kids don't want the burden of planning a memorial service or whatever.  After all dad did abandon them.  I get a funny kick the new wife is a spiritual psychic and who will hex them if they contact her.  Andrea won't stand for this behavior.  Her children have a right to know how and where their father died.  Now bring the nephew Harley into the scene and we have a young man trying to deal with girls, religion, and solving a murder.  Turns out Tilda didn't want them digging around because she had one heck of a past to cover up.   The kids are too busy bickering to help.  Andrea and Harley travel and conspire to find out the truth. This turns into a who done it mystery with a scavenger hunt for clues.  The plot thickens when they realize the new wife. Tilda may be a black widow.  The end result is the unveiling of Mark's ashes and the circumstances surrounding his death announcement.  Andrea realizes some people never change.  When life brings lemons make lemonade and have a party!  This was a fun comedic read, light, with mystery.  I give this three stars out of 5.  The pace stayed a little slow in the middle with the plot.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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