Frost Burn by K.T. Munson and Nichelle Rae

Book Summary:

Fire and Frost; no two nations have ever been so divided. Only two bridges across the great River Gora connects them and their long standing hatred. When spring comes early the Frost Nation looks upon the Fire Nation with suspicion. Soon they will discover that the rising rivers, warmer temperatures, and the quakes are all a result of something far more terrifying then each other. When the world seems to turn against them they will only have each other to look to. Can they put their differences aside long enough to fix their planet? 

They must or face extinction.

About the authors: 

Nichelle Rae and K.T. Munson combined their talent to write the first book in the series.  Feel free to check their Facebook profiles at:

There’s also a Twitter account in place for the novel: @FrostBurn_Books

The novel is avaiable on Amazon and GoodReads

Book Review:

Frost Burn was a very interesting adventure. I must admit in the beginning I was afraid the action will be linear, but at a certain point it shifts to another level. In a world divided between Fire and Ice, these two opposed forces learn to survive and later on even to help each other.

Every character evolves; they all learn wither to accept the other nation or they simply become more mature. Both queens understand they must burry the differences between them in order to survive what seems to be the Planet’s fury. They have strong men behind (Coor and Kirill) and they will lean on them when needed, but they will never forget their position as queens. The adventure itself is very well built and gradually increases till the end. I would have expected a more open point to the next book in the series but it’s not something that could lessen my rating.

 Overall, it was a great read! I loved the action and the characters, I loved that they didn’t stay flat and made progress throughout their journey. If you ever wondered how two opposed forces can coexist in war and peace, start with the first pager of Frost Burn. You’ll find your answer in the end. 

5 starts from me!


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