Nailgun Messiah (Micah Reed Book 1) by Jim Heskett ~ Book Review

Book description:

Ticking off the wrong people sends Micah scrambling to flee Denver. But his hideout choice may not supply the sanctuary he craves. In the little Colorado mountain community of Nederland, he finds his sister, thinking he can disappear into obscurity with her. But she’s living in some kind of commune with a domineering and cruel woman named Lilah.
And Lilah doesn’t trust Micah from the moment he appears on the scene.

Soon enough, Micah becomes convinced that Lilah and her people are concealing scandalous activities. Activities that will bring the wrong kind of attention. FBI, DEA, CIA…maybe all of them at once. And if Micah can’t persuade his sister to leave with him before the bomb drops, they’ll both be torn apart by the explosion.
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About the Author:

Jim Heskett fell in love with writing at the age of fourteen with a copy of Stephen King's The Shining. Poetry became his first outlet for teen angst, then later some screenplays, and eventually short and long fiction. In between, he worked a few careers that never quite tickled his creative toes successfully, and hasn't ever forgotten about Stephen King. You can find him currently huddled over a laptop at an undisclosed location in Colorado, dreaming up ways to kill beloved characters.
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Review Inge:

**** 4 and a half stars
I thoroughly enjoyed this book.The opening chapter immediately drew me into the story with a scene describing Micah being tied to a chair and threatened by a low-life drug dealer. Luckily, Micah is resourceful and I’m glad he lived to see another day. Yes, he did have problems in the past, he is a recovering alcoholic and made many mistakes, but he tries really hard now to do right by his sister and you can't help but sympathize with him. The writing was fluent and that niggling feeling that something was indeed wrong with Lilah and the house they live in kept growing stronger page by page. All the residents of the house on Caribou Road seem deep under Lilah’s control, which was rather unsettling, but there are also a lot of things at play in the house and more secrets than it seems at first sight. To add to all that, Lilah is extremely volatile the last days and she’s counting off the days for Cyrus to come home because apparently Cyrus alone has the key to understanding the words in the book. His release falls together with the chapter countdown and Mr. Heskett plays it just right in selling us this suspenseful foreboding feeling that something is going to happen after 21 days. Time is running out for Micah to get his sister out of there. He was not wrong, secrets are revealed, plotlines come together and at the end of the book Micah gets himself, again, in a pretty dire situation, being chased after by all of his enemies and he gets a real adrenaline rush. Well I felt it too as I raced through these last pages and could only hope for the best in what seems an impossible and dangerous situation to get out of. I can only say that it ends with a grand finale with a big bang.
*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*


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