Wrong or Write by Sky Corgan Narrator: Aundrea Mitchell ~ Audiobook Review

Book Description: 

Kim Naramore has always been in love with her sister's best friend Dominick Parker. The problem is that with a twelve-year age difference between them, he never saw her that way. Growing up together, she always fantasized that he would be her husband someday, but as the years passed, she realized it was her sister he was after.

Fate often isn't kind, and Dominick moves away to escape his past and pursue his dreams. When circumstances of chance give Kim the opportunity to get closer to Dominick, she takes it. But years have passed since they've seen each other, and he's not the same man he was before.

Content Warning: This story contains adult content. For readers 18+ only!

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About the Author: 

Sky Corgan is a USA Today Best-Selling author. When she's not typing away at the next steamy romance series, she's busy planning for future vacations.
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About the Narrator:   

After receiving her B.S. and MBA Aundrea fell madly in love and decided to start her family.  Ten years and five children later she was quickly living the full time wife, mother and household management life.  Needing a temporary escape from time to time Tovah returned back to her first love - reading!  Devouring anything that peaked her interest  she soon found that she was addicted to stories and how they are woven and couldn't get enough.  After having the idea that she could get a lot more accomplished in her day if she listened to these stories she was becoming enamoured with while following her daily schedule (in particular her daily drop off and pick up of her oldest boys from their rigorous karate training) and idea struck.  What if she could mix her love of performance and literature in a professional capacity?  Once getting involved in the world of book narration she quickly became hooked and when not with her family  you can find her in her homemade studio working hard to grow in her own story telling abilities.  You can follow her on twitter @A5Mitchell to learn more about her upcoming projects or see what is going on in her very full, very busy household


This is a quick and fun audiobook/novella. Kim has a childhood crush on her sisters best friend, Dominick. Dominick is in love with Kim's sister. He is a lot older than Kim and helps Kim's sister take care of the two of them after their parents die. Kim is love struck and holds onto that love for Dominick for years after he moves away broken hearted because of Kim's sister. 

Years later Kim gets to have Dominick. This is a fun little novella that is a quick listen to or read. I found Kim really naive as she was still imagining Dominick in the same light from when she was twelve, now a college student and still a virgin she thinks Dominick wouldn't have changed over the years. The story gets heated and of course ends with a cliffhanger, ack, really? Well, since the rest of the series is out it is no big deal just carry on to book two. It could have been made into one book instead of three novellas, just my opinion as I am not big on cliffhangers when it comes to romance and erotica. 

I really enjoyed Aundrea Mitchell's narration. Aundrea is easy to listen to and changes tones with the different characters. I found her narration very suiting for Kim's character. I didn't have any trouble focusing on the story or understanding the change in characters. Aundrea doesn't have a thick accent or anything that will draw away from the story. I look forward to listening to book two and more from Sky and Aundrea. 

I give this audiobook a 3.5 out of 5 stars.  
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~*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.*~


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