Just:A Sign of the Times by Katie Lewington ~ Book Review

Just: A Sign of the Times

Just: A Sign of the Times

by Katie Lewington 
kindle edition (133 pages)

A collection of poems written from the heart and mind of Katie Lewington.  
These poems come from her experiences as a 16 year old.  Some subjects include depression,  love,  relationships and thoughts on life. 
There are both humorous and reflective poems to be discovered in the first book published by Katie Lewington. 

Katie Lewington

Raised in a small town, Katie spent her childhood in the public library and became a real life Matilda. Growing up she ventured from the children's books to the classics and then to the books that really weren't for a child's eyes.
Katie has been writing alongside reading for as long as she can remember. She had, and continues to have, many harebrained ideas that she needs to write down before she forgets them and these become the stories you can read today in her books.

Book Review (Kris)

We connect, the author and I. Word friends. Emotional friends. This book of poetry is vial and beautiful all together. Emotional bondage is broken free, only to be tied up by insecurities. We all can relate to the reality of these poems. "Frozen" is a favorite of mine. I think of all the homeless people, one I knew personally. A rocking horse of emotions has the author teetering back and forth. Speaking of daily thoughts, struggles, actions and emotions. Any one of us could be on the brink of this distress and possible hardship. I do feel a sense of emptiness. A void needing to be filled by the author. Perhaps with something grand and nice. As writers we tend to be deep emotional characters. This authors words have become an outlet for great expression. Thus, leaving the void to be filled. I give this book three stars. I was given a copy of this book to read for an honest review.


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