Flexible Wings by Veda Stamps, Narrated by Natalie Hoyt ~ Audiobook Review & Signed Book Giveaway!

Book Description: 

Summer Stevenson is an eleven-year-old military kid who dreams of having a permanent home and swimming in the Olympics one day, just like her idol Olympian Lia Neal. But those things seem out of reach as her parents “the heroes” continually move the family from house to house like boxed-up toys.

After their last move, she thought her life would never change, but now the moving truck is idling in front of her house again, this time taking the family to Valencia, a small town in southern California known for its bike trails, roller coasters and great schools. But things aren't so great for Summer. She worries constantly that her fighter-pilot mom could be redeployed at any moment, and she struggles to make new friends, finding herself in humiliating circumstances with her neighbors.

Summer sees a glimmer of hope when her parents sign her up for competitive swimming, but she turns out to be the worst swimmer on the team! Inspired by nature and drawing support from friendships both old and new, including those with Grandma "Bachaan," her coaches, and other kids on the swim team, Summer seeks the courage she'll need to tackle life's challenges. It isn't until her little sister is in an accident that Summer truly finds the source of her inner strength and uses it to face her greatest fears head-on.

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About the Author: 

As a child growing up in New Orleans, Veda Stamps developed her lifelong love for storytelling while exchanging pen-pal letters with her cousin in California.

Flexible Wings is her first full-length novel, and is inspired by her community’s spirit of volunteerism and the kindness of the parents on her daughter’s neighborhood swim team.

She currently lives with her husband, two daughters, and three dogs in southern California, where she co-owns a community planning firm.

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Narrated by Natalie Hoyt


I really enjoyed this book. I listened to the audiobook version of it and loved every minute of it. There are some books that draw the reader in right away and this was one of them. The author choose a really good narrator. She has the perfect voice for Summer, very engaging and kept me wanting to listen to more. Natalie doesn't sound like she is reading the book. I flew through this novel. Perfect for a middle grade kid or really anyone else.

It is a middle grade novel about a girl who has two parents in the military, her father has just left the service. Summer moves yet again and has to make new friends at their new "home". Her biggest dream is to be an Olympic swimmer and here is her chance to really be part of a swim team. Summer struggles with leaving her best friend, making new friends at her new "home", being part of the swim team. This novel is a great lesson for kids to learn about the hard times but also how to overcome the obstacles and being part of a community. Summer's mom is deployed again and this leaves Summer very upset, in the end she learns so many lessons and makes new friends.    

I give this audiobook a 5 stars. I look forward to reading more from Veda Stamps and listening to more audiobooks narrated by Natalie Hoyt.

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~*Disclaimer: I received the above book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.*~


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