Fantasy of Fire by Kelly St.Clare ~ Book Review

Book Synopsis:
Fantasy of Fire is the third title in The Tainted Accords. 

An army is half way to Glacium. And not just any army - it belongs to my mother. Time is running out as I rush to prevent a war which will kill thousands; The Solati people, my brothers, and the many Bruma I’ve come to care for. 
Yet it appears preventing this interworld war is just one snowball in an avalanche of problems as the situation in Glacium becomes volatile and destructive. My various identities hover on the edge of discovery forcing me to consider drastic action, and questions I’ve had since the abrupt end of the peace delegation are answered. The two halves of me tug in opposite directions. The Tatuma of Osolis knows what she should do, and the Olina of Nowhere Special finally knows what feels right.  What it really comes down to is, am I brave enough to follow my heart?  
Learn more about author, Kelly St.Clare:
When Kelly St Clare is not reading or writing, she is lost in her latest reverie. She can, quite literally, drift past a car accident while in the midst of her day dreams, despite the various police sirens and chaos. 

Books have always been magical and mysterious to her. One day she decided to start unravelling this mystery and began writing. Her aim: To write stories she would want to read. As it turns out, this failed miserably. Do you know what it is like to read something you've written? Impossible, that's what. Not to mention, the ending is ruined before you've begun. Never-the-less, Kelly loves it and wishes she had more time to squeeze it in between her day job as a physiotherapist. 

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Book Review:
I simply don’t know where to start. Olinda has been abuse her entire life, never seen her face, trapped on a strange world where she is trying to prevent her world from invading. Stay with me here. First of all, this story is wonderful for teenage girls, young women and the all around book lover. Olinda is such a strong character, and there is such a wonderful theme in all the of these books.

Olinda displays kindness, compassion and courage at every turn - elements of a true leader or great government. She hates the politics, but knows she has to the game. And, oh boy, can she play the politician game with poise and assertiveness.

In these first three books, Olinda discovers/creates a new persona for herself, including the victim, young girl in love, the fighter, a social activist, strategist, and economic developer. Yeah, that’s what I call character development! 

Although here time on the strange planet Glacium was not by choice, she has had more true friends and life experiences there than as princess on her own world. However, instead of choosing sides, she remains loyal to her people, admits the wrong of her world, and looks for peace between the two dependent worlds. 

And, in true St. Clare fashion, the author leaves readers waiting for the epic fallout and conclusion of Olinda’s story. Will she be able to unit all of her personas to become the fearless leader and politician? Can she find a way for both worlds to exist in peace? Will she ever get her revenge on a cruel mother and her nasty court? I need to know now! But, unfortunately, book 4 is not scheduled to release until the end of the summer of 2016.   

I must say that in Fantasy of Fire, the consistency in writing and flow improves. Therefore, I am upgrading my rating to 5 stars.    

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Andrea'. All opinions are honest and my own.*~ 


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