Who Killed Little Johnny Gill ~ by Kathryn McMaster

Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?: A Victorian True Crime Murder Mystery Kindle Edition

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This gripping historical crime fiction novel, based on fact, is set in Bradford, England,1888. It explores the horrific murder of Johnny Gill; a murder and mutilation so gruesome, it stuns a nation. Even hardened detectives are affected by its savagery, swiftly comparing it to the work of Jack the Ripper. 

"Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?" is Kathryn McMaster's debut novel. It is a noir page-turner that immediately immerses you in a maelstrom of emotions, keeping you in suspense as Chief Detective Constable Withers and his dedicated team of British detectives try and gather sufficient evidence to bring a conviction against their suspect.

In 1888, police procedures and knowledge of Forensic Science are rudimentary and juries are exposed to persuasive newspaper reports and public opinion. Will justice prevail, or will the guilty walk free
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Kathryn is a writer of historical crime fiction, transporting you back to a different era. She crafts stories around unsolved murders of the Victorian and Edwardian eras highlighting poor policing practices with a rudimentary knowledge of Forensic Science that allowed the guilty to walk free, and the innocent to hang. Kathryn’s books are further enhanced by her in-depth knowledge and training in Psychology, Criminal Profiling and Forensic Investigation which she draws on to analyze each crime in the Afterword.

She has long had a fascination with crime and the criminal mind, looking at the ‘why’ rather than the ‘how’.

Her first true crime book was entitled “Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?” This book covers the shocking murder and mutilation of an eight-year old boy in Bradford, England. The murder was so heinous that it was thought, at one stage, to have been the work of Jack the Ripper.

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The hours between 9pm and 7am are when the murder occurred. I read, and read. Paced and scurried. I so wanted to be certain to blame the correct ghastly being, responsible for the horrible act done to young Johnny Gill. A sweet 7 year old boy favored and loved. A mother's intuition, feeling her anguish. She was aware something dreadful had happened to Johnny. A father exhausted from searching, reading of their missing boy by gas lantern. The scenario makes you rethink your daily routine, and everything you do. Everyone you come in contact with, the time and place. In reality a suspect can be anyone, and everyone. The milkman, butcher, grocer, or tailor. But one person particularity has a very shady story. The author convinces us he most definitely could not be a criminal. Then again, little Johnny Gill seems to have vanished into thin air. All to convenient and preposterous to blame Jack the Ripper, or an Occult or another suspect. The book is fascinating due to it's truthful nature. The era of old, where minimal crime investigative techniques were used We let children go play, and sometimes they don't return. I give this four out of five stars. This book was a good mystery, which held my interest. I received this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


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