Death by Dipolma by Kelley Kaye ~ Book Tour & Review

Book Description:

Emma Lovett leaves her philandering husband and crosses the country to begin her teaching career at a high school in Pinewood, Colorado.There, she meets Leslie Parker, a fellow teacher given to quoting Shakespeare to fit all situations, and the two become fast friends.

Arriving at work early one morning, Emma discovers the body of the school custodian, a man who reminds her of her late father. When the police struggle to find the killer, the ladies decide to help solve the murder. Their efforts lead them to a myriad of suspects: the schizophrenic librarian, the crude football coach, the mysterious social studies teacher, and even Emma’s new love interest.

As Emma Lovett discovers the perils of teaching high school, she and Leslie learn more than they ever wanted to know about the reasons people kill.

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About the Author:

Kelley Kaye taught High School English and Drama for twenty years, but her love for storytelling dates back to creating captions for her high school yearbook. Maybe back to the tales she created around her Barbie and Ken—whatever the case, the love’s been around for a long time.

Kelley is married to this amazing man who cooks for her, and they have two funny and wonderful sons. She lives in Southern California.

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The talk of no necking, pencil skirts and beehive hairdos maybe the 1950’s this story begins.  Wrong!  Because when the principal rides a skateboard and kids play Xbox we are tricked. Emma escapes her jerk of a husband to become a teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School.  The characters are flashbacks from high school days.  Leslie is the tall pretty blonde teacher who becomes Emma’s friend.  The caddy male teachers crack jokes and hassle the new teacher.   There cafeteria hour and thoughts run through my mind; smells, nasty food, horrors of picking a seat.   Melvin is the custodian, I get the impression he is nervous and anxious about something.  Mrs. Fillmore is the disgruntled parent who bombards Leslie, demanding her daughter’s grade from last year be changed from a B+ to an A.  Turns out her daughter missed an assignment, imagine that.  Emma is dreading parent teacher conferences.  Wednesday she arrives at 5:45 am, arriving at the main office for her mail.  Leslie seems to appear out of nowhere.   The shoe, pant leg, blood!  Melvin the custodian!  Dead!  Thomas Jefferson H.S., the biggest event ever!  Gossip begins; everyone wants to know the 411.  Emma and Leslie decide the detectives are useless and scheme a plan to solve the murder themselves.  They snoop around finding Melvin has hidden secrets.  The plot thickens with all people who play a role in his mysterious life.  You have to decide how the teachers, students, parents all play a part in Melvin’s death.  The fun part of this plot is all the stones Leslie and Emma turnover reveal hidden surprises.  The unexpected ending and turn of events made this book even more enjoyable. 

This was a good mystery, which made me think things are not as they appear.  We never really can judge a book, solely on the cover.  I give the book four out of five stars.   Death by Diploma had great characters, unexpected story line, and a surprise ending. 

Written by Kris. 

I received this book in exchange for an unbiased an honest review.


  1. Thank you Kris and everyone at Genuine Jenn for posting the review and joining my Blog Tour at Sage's Blog Tours! I really appreciate it!

  2. Sounds good! Love the cover

    1. Thank you Claudette! I know, right? The cover artist is awesome! I hoape you decide you want to read Death by Diploma! Let me know what you think of it...:-)


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