Extreme Couponing Bread Style

The last few weeks have been slim pickings for bread on the 50% off rack but week 9 of Project Grocery we did a lot better!

Yes I know this is a lot of bread but we do go through a lot in this house. Dh loves to have peanut butter on toast for a snack or late supper.

I had 9 coupons for the brown loaf of bread for .75 cents off and 9 coupons for .50 cents off the others. We always stocks up on 50% off bread but usually its only about 4-8 loaves at a time. We have a big freezer that we store it in until we need it. All the bread was 50% off and then the coupons. The buns we had 2 .75 cents off and they were on sale for $2.29.

I maxed out Independents coupon limit and the cashier had to get an override the rest, about 4 or 5 more coupons.

Total for 19 loaves of bread and two packs of buns= $19.70! 

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. That's a great price! Do you have a MacGavins near you? They have 10 loafs for $12 every day.

  2. Holy couponing! LOL Thats awesome! Great job! we go through a lot of bread too in our house!

  3. @ Christina, no MacGavins here.. Wish there was though. That is a good price for bread as a reg.


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