Making My Coupon Binder

The best way to save money using coupons is to be organized. Also helps if you remember your coupons, not that I ever forgot, no never, hehe. I have done that a lot in the beginning but I am getting better.

To get the best savings you need to flyer shop and combine your coupons. I usually sit down each week with the flyers and my coupons and make my grocery list.

For the last couple years I have been using an mini accordion folder for my coupons. It is actually a coupon folder and was labelled and all but made it is made out of cardboard. Slowly it is falling apart. I did like that it was small enough for my big purse and I usually always had it on me.

I have decided to move up to a binder. I started to put it together on Monday. I picked up the trading card holders and some dividers that were on sale and then marked another 50% off for the dividers at Staples.

Here is what it looks like so far:

I figure I will make a table of contents to go with my tab numbers on the dividers, then I will have a page in each section with the Months and each coupon I have? Or maybe I will just list each coupon as I put them in and their date of expiry.

Do you have a coupon binder? How do you set yours up? I would love to hear all about how you store your coupons.

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  1. My binder is set up similar with the baseball card protectors holding all my coupons.

    I sort mine in the following order

    First sheet is coupons I already know I plan to use that shopping trip (when I am looking through the flyers I will move coupons up to this section)

    The second sheet is all the coupons that will expire in the next 30 days

    Then, the rest of the sheets are divided into categories as follows:

    Personal Cleaning Items (shampoo, body wash and the like)

    Household Cleaning

    Drug Items


    Breads (This includes crackers and such as well)


    Pastas, Rices and Helpers

    Canned Goods


    Sauces and Condiments


    Frozen Foods

    Breakfast Foods

    Baking Products


    Then, at the front, I keep a pencil case with the three rings so it clips right in, and that is for either coupons that I have not had time to organize yet (like when I first get them) and coupons that I have a LOT of, so I put a few in the holder, and the rest there.....

    I refuse to drive from store to store for sales, wasting gas as that cuts into my savings, so I keep lined paper in the front, as I do all my shopping via ad matching at Wal-Mart Supercenter, so there I make my lists, and keep a big binder clip to hold all my flyers together, as well as two different colored highlighers and a few I am walking through the store with my pre made list of ad matching items, I hightlight what I am actually putting in my cart, for quick reference at the check out.....

    Hope this helps....and that I did not drone on too bad, LOL

    The Life Of An Unknown Sister

  2. I have a 3 ring binder divided into: personal, household, medicine, baby, shelf food, fridge food, freezer food and other. I have a mix of the card holder sheets and some slightly larger ones divided into 4 for my bigger coupons.


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