McCain Purely Potatoes Review

As busy moms we all want a quick and easy way to serve a healthy and delicious meal to our family. McCain offers a variety of delicious options for quick and easy meals from pizza to their new Purely Potatoes. These potatoes come in a family sized one time use bag that go straight in the microwave to take the prep work out of making mashed potatoes.
Put the potato bag in the microwave and put it on for 11 minutes. The bag will expand to the point that you wonder if it may explode. It didn't but it did look HUGE! 
When taking the bag out and opening it, be very careful as it is Very HOT! I used oven mitts to handle and open the bag. Here are the potatoes cooked and ready to be mashed. We added butter, sour cream, a bit of milk and minced garlic. Yummy! 

Here they are: 
My opinion on these are they taste great, they are easy to make with no peeling and cutting! They are not cost efficient as they cost $3.69 for a bag at our Independent. This really only feeds a family of four. We are on a tight grocery budget so we wont be eating these often.You can pick up a 10 lb bag of potatoes for less than $5. They are not quick as it likely took me 20 minutes to prepare these in the microwave and mash them. I would like to try the Sweet Potato chucks as I hate peeling and cutting those. 

~*Disclaimer: I am a Bzzagent and I received a complimentary bag of Purely Potatoes to review. All opinions are honest and my own.*~ 


  1. We tried these when they first came out, and I did not care for the taste at all.....they had like a 'dirt' smell and little hint of that same taste....

    The Life Of An Unknown Sister

  2. Weird, well I know I have had some regular potatoes like that. Maybe you got a bad bag.


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