Project Grocery Week 10-May 21-27,2011

This week I started off with only $68.62 as I over spent last week. I actually started off with $68 as I have a little jar on my kitchen counter where I ditch my nickles and dimes, and another jar for pennies. When they get full I roll all the change. It's been an extra way of saving.

Shopper's Drug mart: $25.13 this is a 3 trip total for the week but don't worry I do not drive as we live only a few minute walk away. This week Shopper's had Sunlight dish soap on for .99 cents! I picked up 5. I also got a good deal on St. Ives facial products as I had 3/$1.00 off coupons which made each product $1.99.

Food Basics: $20.25. This weeks great buy Tropicana orange juice 3/$5 and I had 3 coupons of a $1.00 off Heart Wise OJ, my juice cost .66 cents each!
Independent: $0.00 this week all I got there was a Frozen yogurt

Post Office: .67 cents for a Canadian Stamps

Giant Tiger: $11.94 Cheese slices and trail mix. Cheese Slices were dirt cheap at $1.87 so I stocked up. I used my own bag and got a .03 cent credit.

McDonald's: $1.05 a nice large Caramel Iced coffee

$2 - P for school trip to feed the animals

Total: $61.04
Coupon total: $11.99 not bad since I really didn't buy much this week.


  1. Awesome deal. I can't wait until I get enough coupons. lol. I am wondering about meat. You don't have any posts about that. That's one of my hardest saving areas. What do you do?

  2. I rarely buy meat at the grocery store. We buy a meat order from a local butcher and usually spend $200 every 3 months.

  3. We also grabbed the deal with Black Diamond cheese slices, but were a bit luckier and used four 75 cent coupons. Great expiry dates on the cheese too!

  4. Thanks...maybe I'll check out our local butcher shops and see what kind of packs they have.

  5. You said you got Tropicana orange juice 3/$5 but you only show Minute Maid and say nothing about that.

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