Project Grocery Week 8 - May 7th - 13th,2011

This past week I have used a lot more coupons combined with sales. Of course I'm usually always buying on sale.  We did stock up on cheese - block and slices. Used coupons on bread and cheese and also on cereal.

I think my best deal this week was the Black Diamond Cheese on sale for $3.97 for 500g block. I bought three and used a Buy two get $1.50 off and a buy one get .75 cents off. Cost me $3.22 for a block of cheese! Cheapest I have gotten it.

Also the cereal but I explain more about that later on. 

The Breakdown:

Food Basics: $31.11 banana's, hamburger thin buns, cheese, tomatoes, bananas, eggs, trail mix, lettuce, watermelon.

Independent: $13.96 Bread Wonder+ with .75 off coupon x4, sour cream 50% off and cheese slices.

Fresh Co.: $9.66 Block cheese x3 with 2 coupons for $2.25

Post Office: $1.33 Canadian Stamps x2

Shopper's Drug mart: $6.08 Milk, Fibre 1 cereal with a $1 off coupon and the box has a $5 off frozen yogurt coupon.

Shopper's Drug mart: 2 more trips. $12.97 for Maxwell house coffee and 2 more boxes of Fibre 1 cereal with $5 off coupon for frozen yogurt. Last trip was $24.58 and included 3 more boxes of Fibre 1 cereal with coupon, Mr. Noodles 4 cases of 12 packs, Fruit twists for school snack, then Orville Rickenbacker popcorn caramel snacks x2 clearance bin for a $1 each and a bag of peanuts for a $1 in clearance bin. 

Grand Total: $99.69 very close to the budget cut off this week! 
Coupon Total: $6.25 not that great but better than nothing right? I also now have 6 coupons for $5 off frozen yogurt and I think I may use one next week. $30 worth of coupons to use up before the 31st of August!


  1. Looks good! Best deal I got this week was 1L. olive oil at No Frils for $3.33/bottle! :) I grabbed 3, but might grab a couple more as it's all we use here!

  2. That's how the cereal started buy a couple then i went back for more.. lol.. I went crazy this week with bread! wait and see :)

  3. Bless you! I could never stay in this budget....I love reading these posts though!

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