Just Another Number by Maggie Young ~ Book Review

Book Description:

Just Another Number is a memoir structured by the first 23 men I had sex with. It's about how American society curbs women to validate themselves by men. Through my lovers, I relive all the shit I got myself into because of that. The book paints a gritty portrait of a Tennessee teen who- in the midst of bulimia and meth abuse- joins the Navy.

Just Another Number hops through the various shades of chauvinism in the conservative Bible Belt, the male dominated military, and the superficiality of southern California. My story is littered with hypocritical Christians, brainwashed warriors, deadbeat band guys, and the spoiled, cocaine snorting trust fund offspring of California's elite. It also entails eating disorders, drug cultures, social media, and of course, military corruption. Although the memoir harbors the darkness and tragedies of my stories, it is packed full of raunchy, satirical humor. Just Another Number dips into the gritty, humiliating aspects of sex from bodily functions to cringe-worthy one-night stands.

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About the Author: 

As a troubled teenager, Maggie Young left her hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee for the United States Navy. Stationed on the USS Higgins out of San Diego, she got into all sorts of documentary-worthy shenanigans. After a platonic, financially driven marriage, an NCIS investigation, a few wild port visits, and some turbulent affairs, she traded the Navy's ranks for UC Berkeley. After graduation, she backpacked Europe, was a television reporter in Alaska, and eventually hit a quarter life crisis that will be documented in her next book, My Dilemma. Maggie has been published several times in the San Diego Weekly Reader, including two cover stories. Her mission is to expose corruption through a memoir's emotional authenticity. Although she's covers an array of topics, her main focus is sex-positive feminism.

Maggie is currently based in Seattle.Visit Maggie on here Website

Book Review (Kris):

Just Another Number by Maggie Young is not for the reserved. I was a bit shy, relating to Maggie. Maggie is a Tennessee southern bell freaking free, and breaking all the rules. It's a woman's view of taking charge in a mans world! Rebellious! Being a woman, yet acting like a man. Maggie's Navy tour eventually breaks all of her personal and professional expectations. Full of sexual encounters, and sensual escapades. The numbers represent her growth from teen to woman, as she labels and vividly describes each man along the way. She gender switches roles. Treating men as eye candy, and using them as toys. Not sugar-coating what she desires, causing controversial views of a woman's role. Southern bell and feminism have to learn how to meet in the middle. This story is very erotic, and flows well. I tend to be a bit more reserved. Maggie's underlying desire stems from a poor body image her step father gave her. She seems to constantly replenish one high for another. I sympathize with her need to get better and stronger. I give this three stars. Good solid flow, strong tastes of man, good characters, and loved reading about different places. The romance and explicit descriptive language is a bit much for my .

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Kris)


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