House of Pawns by Keary Taylor - Book Review

Book Synopsis:
The town of Silent Bend is about to explode into a war. Alivia swore to take the House from Jasmine after what she did, but it won’t happen without retaliation. The whole town is caught in the crosshairs of their manipulation and the body count is climbing. 

The explanation for Ian’s change is one he just can’t accept. To Alivia, it should fix all their problems, but Ian has become everything he hates most. And Liv accepting her fate and position will test their relationship to the breaking point. 

The threat of the King’s arrival looms just weeks away, and Alivia knows he will kill her as soon as he comes. She’ll need supporters at her side—immortal ones. And that means turning old enemies into loyal subjects… 

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Book Review:
House of Pawns is the second book following Taylor’s House of Royals. This book jumps right back where Taylor left us grasping, which I love! Folks, I devoured this one in 48 hours... during a workweek. 

We are immediately submerge back into Alivia’s world in Southern Mississippi where she has inherited a mansion, a chance at immortality pending violent death, and a vampire coven.  

Alivia’s character matures greatly in the second book. I thought the well established and brilliant theme of suppression would continue. However, I was wrong. Instead, there is raw reality of leadership and loyalty flowing through the pages. 

There is a dramatic difference between what we want to do and what we have to do whether out a sense of duty or destiny. As children, we are told this. As adults, we know its truth. However, heroes forfeit more than desire and will. They make hard scarifies for the greater good. Heroes and great leaders earn loyalty by first being loyal. A lesson young Alivia learns very quickly.

“You have my loyalty if I can count on yours,” I promise Anna as she looks back me. 

Yes, Taylor delivers profound themes in her writing, and I am determine that she is the queen of cliffhangers. However, it is all worth it. (I have a feeling this series is going to leave me with a really bad book hangover.) 

If you have a guilty pleasure for YA, read this now! And, mark March 8th on your calendars for House of Kings!     

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Andrea'. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are honest and my own.*~ 


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